Use these homemade shampoo recipes that reduce hair fall and provide nourishment to hair shafts. These shampoos are made with natural ingredients that also condition and improves your hair texture to reduce hair fall due to breakage. They also stimulate hair follicles and are effective in strengthening hair roots and controlling hair fall.

Egg shampoo -

Egg shampoo –  Egg works effectively to improve the scalp health to enhance the hair quality, texture and appearance. It helps to improve your hair growth and prevent hair fall.

You will need

  • Eggs – 1-2
  • Gram flour – 1 tsp
  • Filtered water – 1/4 cup
  • few drops of lavender or rosemary essential oil
  • Hair oil – 1 tsp ( for dry hair)

To make – add all the ingredients to a blender jar, add in 1 tsp of hair oil if you have dry hair, and blend everything to a smooth shampoo-like consistency. Pour the shampoo on wet hair and massage it in. Leave it on for 2-3 mins and rinse off with cold water. Use a conditioner or a hair rinse to finish off.

Aloe Green tea shampoo -

Aloe Green tea shampoo –  Green tea hydrates and nourishes, and is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the hair and stops hair fall. Aloe vera deeply conditions the hair and also helps reduce frizz by providing moisture.

You will need

  • Aloe vera – 1/2 cup
  • Green tea – 1/4 cup

To make – Wash an aloe vera plant thoroughly, peel off the skin from the aloe vera plant and extract the gel. Add the extracted gel to a blender jar. Brew a strong cup of green tea with 3-4 tea bags. Add 1/4 cup of green tea to the blender jar and blend it until the aloe vera gel is well combined with the green tea. Massage 2-3 tbsp of shampoo on damp hair and rinse it off. Follow up with a conditioner or a hair rinse.

Gram flour shampoo -

Ayurveda shampoo – Infused with natural hair care ingredients this homemade natural shampoo cleanses and nourishes your hair naturally. READ MORE – NATURAL HAIR GROWTH SHAMPOO

Fenugreek shampoo -

Fenugreek shampoo – Fenugreek help heal and repair the damaged cells in the scalp & improve follicle health and promote faster hair growth. It is rich in protein and nicotinic contain that prevents hair fall.

You will need

  • Soapnuts pods – 1/4 cup
  • fenugreek seeds – 1/4 cup

To make – Soak soapnuts along with fenugreek seeds in 2 cups of water and leave it on overnight. In the morning, simmer the water along with the soapnuts and fenugreek seeds for 5 mins. Strain the soapnuts and seeds and store the mixture in a bottle. To use – Massage the mixture on the wet scalp for few mins and rinse it off. Follow up with a conditioner.

To make the shampoo last long pour the mixture into an ice cube tray and use 2-3 cubes and thaw them before using them on your hair.

Aloe Vera Shampoo – This aloe vera shampoo bar deeply conditions and moisturizes hair leaving them soft and smooth. Aloe Vera works towards keeping the scalp healthy thus boosting hair growth

Green tea shampoo -

Green tea shampoo – Green tea contains amazing properties that stops hair fall and also boosts healthy hair growth. Use green tea as a shampoo or hair spray or even a hair rinse to incorporate it in your hair care routine.

You will need

  • Green tea – 1/4 cup
  • Castile soap – 1/4 cup

To make – Mix everything in a pump bottle and use it as a regular shampoo. Massage the mixture on the wet scalp for few mins and rinse it off. Follow up with a conditioner. READ MORE – Top 5 hair oils to stop hair fall and grow thicker hair

Caution – When u switch to a natural shampoo, your hair takes time to get adjusted to the new hair routine. You may experience dry, frizzy hair or even hair fall. Once your hair adjusts with the natural routine it will grow faster.