List of 10 best natural healers you can find in your kitchen.

TURMERIC –  It has antioxidant, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-carcinigenic, anti-mutagenic and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it the most powerful herb on the planet.

Benefits – Remove toxins, boost immunity, natural pain killer, anti-inflammatory, healthy skin, promote weight loss.

To use – Add turmeric in your diet, drink turmeric water or make turmeric milk, use it as a face mask for
healthy skin.

COCONUT OIL – One of the best healthy oils to use in your cooking is coconut oil. Apart from the health benefits, coconut oil as a lot of beauty benefits too.

Benefits – Detox body, heal bruise, healthy heart, boost immunity, treat stretch marks, promote healthy, hair, smooth & soft feet.

To use – Use it as a deep conditioning hair mask, simply warm a small amount of coconut oil and massage it on your scalp. Leave it on for 30 mins before you rinse it off. Use it in your cooking or in your salads. Also, try oil pulling to help remove impurities and detox the body.



 Honey is highly nutritious and has a numerous medicinal properties. It contains all naturally occurring antioxidants, pollen, enzymes, vitamins, and natural minerals.

Benefits – treat cough, sore throat, cold naturally, burn fat, heal wound, sleep remedy, improve digestion, clear skin and shiny hair.

To use – Drink honey water in the morning, use it as a face cleanser to clear acne and as a hair mask for shiny hair. READ MORE – TOP 10 HONEY HOME REMEDIES


 It is rich in enzymes and supports a healthy immune system,. Apple cider vinegar helps to control weight, promotes digestion and remove body toxins. Pour it on your salads, veggies, most foods, and even sprinkle over popcorn.

Benefits – Detox, reduce belly fat, treat bloating, soothe sore throat, sinus, clear skin and healthy hair.

To use – Make a detox drink, add to your salads and also make a hair rinse for healthy hair. READ MORE – APPLE CIDER VINEGAR TEA AND STEAM TO CURE COLD AND SINUS



Ginger can be used fresh, powdered, dried, or you can make ginger paste or ginger juice. Ginger has amazing health and beauty benefits and has been used across the globe as a natural remedy for thousands of years. It contains nutrients and bioactive compounds that have powerful benefits.

Benefits – Remedy for nausea, upset stomach, PMS, and headache. Great for detox, weight loss and also treats dandruff.

To use – Make ginger tea,- Just cut and peel 1 inch in ginger in two cups of water, boil the water for 10 mins and add a teaspoon honey before you drink, add it in your cooking and also use it in your hair mask.


Mint tea has a refreshing, cooling combination, which is a a perfect lift for any time of day.

Benefits – Healthy skin, relieve menstural cramps, reduce acid reflux, fight flu and cold, healthy hair growth.

To use – Make mint detox water or mint tea. To make peppermint tea, add 1 bunch of fresh or 1 tsp dried peppermint leaves in a teapot. Pour over boiling water and let it brew for 5 minutes. Also, add them to your salads. Add some mint leaves to your bath water.



 Lemon has a lot of health and beauty benefits. Drink a cup of lemon water first thing in the morning to leave you energized and ready for your day.

Benefits – Flush out toxins, aids in digestion, blood purifier, promote weight loss, improve immunity, healthy skin.

To use – Drink lemon water or sip on some warm lemon tea. Squeeze it in your salads. READ MORE – LEMON WATER RECIPE AND BENEFITS



Cumin seeds or cumin powder is extensively used in culinary practices in India. Cumin includes its ability to aid in digestion, improve immunity, and much more.

Benefits – Promote weight loss, induce sleep, prevent acidity, aids in digestion, boost immunity, healthy menstrual cycle.

To use – Chew on few toasted cumin seeds or add cumin powder to yogurt or egg scrambles. Drink cumin tea before sleep.



Onion has an amazing health and beauty benefits, it not only can be used in your cooking but it also treats a lot of hair problems.

Benefits – Cure cold and cough, treat sore throat, aids in digestion, stop hair fall.

To use – Drink onion tea to soothe a cold and cough – boil 1/2 onion in 1 cup of water along with 1 inch of ginger, 1 garlic clove, 1/2 tsp of turmeric and pinch of pepper. Strain it and add in some honey and drink this twice a day. Use onion juice on your hair to stop hair fall. Putting a raw onion inside a sock and sleeping with it overnight is a remedy that some people believe can treat a cold, cough or the flu. 


has some medicinal properties and it work as digestive aid.

Benefits – Healthy skin, relieve menstrual cramps, reduce acid reflux, fight flu and cold, healthy hair growth.

To use – Make fenugreek tea or use fenugreek powder in your cooking. Soak fenugreek seeds and use the water on
your hair.