Your immunity is your body’s shield against ailments. A strong immune system is of extremely importance to protect as well as heal your body. Eating the right foods & powerful herbs is key to boosting immunity naturally. Powerful Herbs that are mentioned below, build immunity that strengthen and repair the body. Read on as we decode the top three immunity boosting herbs that will help strengthen your immunity naturally:


Turmeric :

A superior Ayurvedic herb, Turmeric is a known antiseptic & anti-bacterial agent. It not only facilitates easy digestion but its antioxidant rich properties that helps strengthen body defense system that keeps you protected from infections and diseases like common cold etc. Mix a pinch of fresh turmeric powder along with a pinch of pepper in a glass of warm water or lemon water and have it in the morning on an empty stomach. This purifies & prepares the digestive system for the day ahead. It also helps foster the anti-inflammatory response of the body and alleviates any aches or joint pains.

Holy Basil :

Commonly known as ‘elixir of life’, Tulsi is a miraculous Ayurvedic immunity booster. It has purifying properties that help in fighting respiratory diseases, fever and any kind of infections by building one’s natural immunity. Include this as a diet supplement to beat cough, cold and mild fever by consuming 2 tsps of freshly squeezed tulsi leaf Juice blended with 1 tsp of Honey. Alternatively, infusing few Tulsi leaves in your morning tea can be a great way to awaken your mind & body.


Ginger :

Who doesn’t love a hot cup of Ginger tea after a long tiring day. This antimicrobial, detoxifying herb is a cure to many disorders and hence the best immunity booster in Ayurveda.  Gingerol, an active component that makes ginger a perfect immunity booster. Have an inch long slice of Ginger with a pinch of rock salt prior to lunch, to cleanse the palate and stimulate appetite. This potent combination is also a known and effective antidote to Nausea.

Cumin:  Regular intake of cumin water will help in eliminating harmful toxins from your body and maintain an optimal pH balance. The detox drink cleanses your body to keep you fit as a fiddle! It provides antioxidant support to help fight cell damaging free radicals in body to maintain overall health


 Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry originates in India and contains a high concentration of Vitamin C along with a full-spectrum of immune-enhancing benefits, popularly known for supporting immunity, energy, and optimal health. It  enhances the capacity of cells to generate more energy which overall increases the individual’s energy and reduces fatigue. READ MORE – Amla water to boost immunity, brighten skin, stop hair fall and more