Hair perfumes are in trend right now but the perfumes are made up of a lot of alcohol that can make your hair extremely dry. So make your own hair perfume at home using natural moisturizing ingredients that will leave your hair not only smelling divine but will also keep your hair healthy and boost hair growth –



Essential Oil – Essential oils are concentrated plant extract that has amazing hair benefits and also have floral, woody, or herbal scents so they can be easily used to add natural fragrance to your homemade skin and hair products. Essential oils help repair damaged hair as well as boost hair growth. If you are into floral scents then use lavender, rose, or jasmine and if you are into woody scents then use cedarwood or sandalwood essential oils are really great. READ MORE – RICE WATER CUBES FOR SMOOTH, HEALTHY SKIN


You will need –

Filtered water or rose water – 1 cup
Hair oils or aloe gel – 1 -2 tbsp
Essential Oils – 10+ drops

What to use – Use filtered water or rose water, use a pure organic store-bought rose water to keep your hair perfume last for several weeks. U can use hair oils like coconut oil or any other oil of your choice like argan oil, jojoba oil but if you have very fine hair and don’t want to use oil then use a store-bought pure aloe vera gel. U can use essential oils like lavender oil, rose oil, or jasmine oil – chose the scent of your choice, you can also mix 2 different essential oils to make your own signature scent.

To make – Add aloe vera gel or hair oil in a bottle and add in few drops of essential of your choice. Mix it well and then add filtered water or rose water to it. Shake it up really good and then mist it all over your hair. Use it throughout the day to keep your hair smelling good and also to moisturize and tame dry, frizz hair. READ MORE – SKIN BRIGHTENING POWDER

Caution – Essential oils are very powerful oils so use them with caution, check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned above before you use them.