House Plants That Need Almost Zero Sunlight

If you’re looking to add some aesthetics in your room, then a touch of green is almost welcome. Low-light house plants, are perfect to give your room a touch of aesthetics, while brightening your room with some greenery. Greenery gives one a sense of peace and calm and is of course, soothing to the eyes.

House Plants That Need Almost Zero Sunlight

What’s essential to remember that not all plants can be kept inside the house, as they require sunlight on a daily basis. But the good part is that there are many different types of house plants that almost zero sunlight and are perfect for the indoors.

House Plants That Need Almost Zero Sunlight

1. Bromeliad

Bromeliad plants are tropical plants and have a unique look. They are known to be one of the best choices for house plants, to be kept on shelves, tabletops, on the floor etc.

They do not require any direct sunlight to grow, but a little amount of indirect sunlight would suffice to grow this plant.

2. Golden Pothos

Pothos is a plant that can grow even in no sunlight, when kept indoors even for long periods of time. They are rugged plants that do not require much attention. They are perfect for tables, shelves, window sills etc., for he perfect touch of green.

3. Spider Plant

Spider plants make for the perfect indoor plants, but do require a certain amount of sunlight but not directly. Direct sunlight isn’t recommended for this kind of plant because it can burn the leaves.

4. Snake Plant

Snake plant is also called as “mother-in-law’s tongue”. This plant doesn’t need much attention and can grow well even with less indirect sunlight. They require less water so as to prevent rotting.

5. Peace Lily

Peace lilies aren’t actually “lilies”. The “lily” or the white petal of the peace lily plant is actually part of the leaf that grows out into a flower.

This plant require medium to low sunlight and can grow well even in areas with less sunlight. But it is essential to remember that for peace lilies to flower, they do require sufficient sunlight.

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6. ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are one of the best and hardiest indoor plants to grow. They require almost no need for constant attention. They are one of the best plants to have indoors for the perfect touch of greenery. They thrive in bright, indirect light and can also live in places with low light as well.

7. Peperomia

This plant is perfect for tables, shelves etc., wherein you want to add in a little touch of greenery. They do not require direct sunlight, but they do need bright indirect sunlight in order to grow well.

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8. Kangaroo Fern

Kangaroo ferns require sufficient amount of indirect light when kept indoors. This helps to grow them lush and bushy. It is essential to keep this plant away from direct sunlight, as it could damage the leaves and cause the leaves to get burnt.

9. Areca Palm

Areca palms require sufficient amounts of indirect light, but the light should be bright and not dull. They require at least 6 to 8 hours of indirect sunlight in a day. It is essential to avoid even the slightest amounts of direct sunlight as it can make the leaves prone to leaf scorching.

10. Red Prayer

Red Prayer is a plant that has pink veins and oval-shaped leaves. They have unique leaves from which the plant gets its name.

This plant requires no direct sunlight, but just bright indirect light, in addition to high humidity and soil that is moist.