Do you like having greenery around your house, but do not like the idea of having to maintain plants, water them on a daily basis and report them from time to time? Well, if you’ve answered in the positive, it clearly seems like water plants are better for you! You get the greenery, but without having the need to put in much effort to grow the plants or even maintain them.

grow English Ivy

Here are some of the best indoor water plants to grow at your home:

1. English Ivy

There’s something about this plant that I love and of course, it is its leaves! The shape of the leaves are absolutely beautiful and this plant is a hardy indoor plant that survives well in water. Get a cutting of a stem of this English Ivy plant and grow it indoors in just water!

2. Begonia

If you like flowering plants, then begonias are the perfect water plants (that flower of course) to choose to grow indoors. You can simply get a cutting of a begonia plant stem and place it in water and no sooner will it grow roots.

3. Lucky Bamboo

Well, this one is another commonly grown indoor plant and again all you need is a stem to grow in water. They look so beautiful and elegant and require no effort to main.

4. Spiderwort

This plant with purple colored leaves look beautiful and stand out among the other common indoor plants because of its unique leaf color. It is a very low-care plant and survives perfectly indoors in water, just as it does outdoors.

5. Chinese Evergreen

This plant has long leaves, dark green with a little creamish white on it, giving it a unique look. This plant is an evergreen plant and grows well only in warmer climates. But it is a great plant to keep indoors in water.

6. Pothos – Money Plant

Of course, this one is one of the most commonly grown water plants in most households. They not only look good, but they require almost no effort at all to maintain them. All you need is a cutting of a money plant shoot, immerse its stem in water (where the roots are) and it’ll grow on its own.

grow Peace Lily in water

7. Peace Lilies

Peace lilies are another type of flowering plant that can be grown in water. Place them stems of this plant in water, but make sure that the base of the plant (near the leaves) aren’t submerged.

grow Geranium in water

8. Geranium

Geraniums are often grown outside as warm-weather annuals, but did you know you can also grow them as long-lived houseplants in water. Take a cutting of the stem of a healthy plant and place it in water after a few of the bottom leaves are removed. While the plant will grow well, it may take quite a while until the roots form.

9. Spider Plant

Spider plants have very long and thin green leaves, which have white along its periphery. You can pull out one or two bulbs from another spider plant bunch and immerse only the bulb in water and it will grow well indoors.

10. Chinese Money Plant

Sometimes this plant is called the “pancake plant” because of the round shape of their leaves. This plant is really very easy to grow in water, but it will require to have its roots on when you place it first in the water, a cutting will not do.

How to grow plants in water ?

Container: Just take a healthy plant of choice and  clip a 6- to 8-inch piece of stem just below a leaf node and pop it in a pretty vase. Just make sure the stem is submerged, but the leaves are not. The best containers to use are – mason jars, fish bowls, glass bottles, glass vases or even empty pickle jars.

Water: Use unchlorinated water that is best for plants. You can use tap water that has sat at room temperature overnight for best results. Make sure to change the water of your indoor water plants at least once a week to once in 15 days, so to avoid the breeding of mosquitoes and algae formation.

Light: Immerse only the roots, bulbs or root nodes in the water, but do not cover the leaves. Once in a few days, place the plant near a window or an area where there is sufficient sunlight for it to grow healthier and better.

Fertilising: You can also find special fertilizers meant for hydroponic growing, just add it to the water for healthy roots.