Water is often known as “the elixir of life”, but what happens when you add the “Golden” ingredient into regular water. Asking for too much?

Well, never mind, the benefits are numerous and they are all yours! Often renowned as “Golden water” or turmeric water, this drink can help you get one step closer to achieving that perfect skin and complexion that you’ve always wanted.


Turmeric is a very versatile ingredient and is well-known to everyone because it is a commonly used ingredient in the world of home remedies and DIYs for beauty and skin. It has properties of anti-allergy, anti-fungal, anti-inflammation and can help treat multiple skin ailments, prevent acne and breakouts and help promote better skin health by improving skin tone, skin appearance and skin complexion. These properties are all due to the active compound in turmeric called “curcumin”.

This article will tell you all you need to know about the “golden water” and ways you can consume it.

Benefits of turmeric water for your skin:

1. Can promote better overall skin health:

Turmeric acts as a natural skin moisturizer that can help keep the skin soft and supple and prevent the skin from becoming dry. It helps keep the skin nourished at all times and can promote better cell turnover (the body’s natural cell regeneration process where the dead skin falls out or sheds and the new rejuvenated skin layer forms).

For those who have dark circles or puffiness, turmeric water can help stimulate better blood circulation in the body and in turn can help reduce inflammation with its anti-inflammatory effects and can also help reduce puffiness and lighten the dark circles.

2. Will help treat acne:

Turmeric has anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, all which are beneficial to people with acne. It can help soothe the skin and reduce the formation of acne and prevent further breakouts, while it can also prevent the skin from scarring due to acne.

3. Has anti-aging effects:

Turmeric can help in blood purification and can help reduce free radical (the unstable molecules (called free radicals) that damage other healthy molecules in the body) damage because of its antioxidant properties. It helps keep the skin youthful and slows down the signs of aging and also can help prevent the skin from premature aging.

4. Will help the skin look brighter and give it a radiant glow:

Turmeric is an essential ingredient for those who are looking to brighten and even out their skin tone (like those who are prone to getting tanned or have dark patches or pigmentation on the skin).

For those who have pigmentation, consuming turmeric water can help reduce the appearance of the dark patches on the skin and can prevent the darkening of the skin. READ MORE – GOLDEN MILK TURMERIC LATTE RECIPE FOR CLEAR SKIN

There are two ways you can consume this turmeric water on a daily basis:

1. Turmeric Water or Turmeric Tea:


1 cup water

A pinch of pepper powder 

¼ tsp organic turmeric (haldi) powder

Honey (to taste)


Boil one cup of water and add in the turmeric powder and pepper powder. Boil it for a minute or so on high flame and then turn off. Strain this into a cup and you can also add in honey to taste. Stir well and it is ready to consume it in the morning.

Note: Adding in pepper powder helps the curcumin in the turmeric get absorbed more quickly into the body.

2. Turmeric Shots:


4 cups water

¼ cup freshly chopped turmeric root
(Or 1 tsp organic turmeric powder)

⅛ cup freshly grated ginger 

½ tsp pepper powder

Honey to taste


Into a mixer blender, add in the turmeric, ginger , pepper and honey and blend well. Then add in the water and blend for a few minutes. Then strain this mixture into shot glasses and it is ready to consume.

Note: You can also make hot turmeric shots by boiling all the ingredients in the water for 6 minutes once it starts to boil, straining it and then consume. READ MORE – Beetroot Juice for Hair Growth

You can take one turmeric shot a day, for the best effects.