If you are a coffee lover then you may have tried different coffee recipes. A simple coffee can be made delicious using different ingredients and methods. There are several different types of coffees in the world, the most common variants are the iced coffee, cappuccino, and espresso. Here is a guide to the 10 different types of delicious coffee recipes you can make at home –




Espresso is what some people love while others hate. ( Espresso is a type of strong black coffee made by forcing steam through ground coffee beans ) If you prefer sweet tasting and mild coffee, you might not be an espresso fan.  Espresso is pure coffee extract made with water and coffee beans and it contains no milk. It generally is made using specific extracting machines and coffee shops usually have it.


Cappuccino is made by using extra milk than usual and few drops of coffee oil or coffee essence are added to a expresso (black coffee shot which is extracted from coffee beans). A shot of black espresso coffee is served in a cup along with a few drops of coffee oil are added. Warm milk is poured from the top gently to form froth and usually decorated with cocoa powder.

Ideal serving – 60 ml expresso + 60 ml steamed milk + 60ml milk foam. ( optional – few drops of coffee essence)


Americano is a single coffee shot added to 1 cup of hot water; you can call it a diluted version of espresso. Some people like it with little creamer, sugar or brown sugar to make it taste a bit creamy and sweet.

Ideal serving – 60ml expresso + 120ml hot water


Black coffee is just water extract or coffee beans or coffee powder with or without a sweetener. Coffee beans or coffee powder is brewed in water; quantity of coffee depends on how strong you want the coffee to be. Strained coffee is served hot and sweetener can be added if you like but traditionally black coffee is supposed to be bitter.

Ideal serving – 120ml hot water + 60ml expresso


Café latte is traditionally served with slice cakes and cookies. The coffee is made with 1 shot coffee and 3 parts of steamed milk. This coffee is mostly preferred because of its taste and creaminess. You can add any sweetener of your choice and also nutella for that extra twist.

Ideal serving – 60ml expresso + 180ml steamed milk


Turkish coffee is generally served with a glass of water and lokum. To make Turkish coffee, grounds of Turkish coffee beans are finely powdered and immersed in water which is then heated until it boils. This way, the foam will be maximum.

Ideal serving – 14 gms ground coffee + 120 ml water + sugar ( optional)


Flat white coffee is usually served in coffee shops. It is the same coffee on which latte art is made. Flat white is made with equal proportions of coffee espresso and thick milk. A sweetener like sugar or brown sugar is then added.

Ideal serving – 60 ml expresso + 120 ml steamed milk


Café mocha is made by mixing together 2 parts of steamed milk, 2 parts of espresso and 1 part chocolate syrup or powder along with a sweetener of your choice. It is traditionally layered in the ceramic cup with espresso at the bottom then chocolate and milk at the top. To make it taste even better, you can add whipped cream to it.

Ideal serving – 60 ml expresso + 120 ml hot chocolate + whipped cream on the top


Irish coffee is a kind of black coffee with a dash of whiskey. Sweetened or unsweetened black coffee is added with little whiskey and topped with whipped cream.

Ideal serving – 5g brown sugar + 120 ml french press coffee + 60ml irish whiskey + 75 ml heavy cream ( lightly whipped)


Iced coffee is well known after-meal drink or just an evening drink, especially during the holidays. Coffee is brewed and mixed with little milk (depending on how dark you want your coffee to be). It is then poured over ice in a cup and topped with milk froth, ice cream or whipped cream.