Glowing skin is always in! Deep cleanse your skin and pores for a glowing skin with this amazing ingredient that has a lot of benefits to your skin.



Honey is high in antioxidant compounds, which contribute to its healing and soothing properties. It is also a natural humectant, which deeply hydrates the skin, leaving a golden glow. Honey helps to heal and protect the skin making it lesser prone to acne. It deep cleanses the dirt and moisturizes your skin effectively, giving it a smooth and glowing effect.

Honey helps balance the bacteria that makes it a great product to use for Acne. Honey also speeds up skin cells healing process. Enzymes in Raw Honey clarify skin, keep pores clear and clean. Honey is loaded with Anti oxidants, enzymes and other nutrients that nourish, cleanse and hydrate the skin. READ MORE – BLACK SEEDS HAIR WATER for thinning hair



Honey Face Wash – This natural face wash is ideal for all skin types. It has highly moisturizing qualities which help to eliminate dryness from the skin leaving you with clean and clear skin while further preventing patchy dry skin

You will need –

  • Honey – 1/2 cup
  • Castile Soap – 1/4 cup
  • Turmeric – 1 tsp
  • Tea tree essential oil ( optional)

Mix everything in a pump bottle, you can also add in tea tree essential oil if you have acne prone skin. Apply a small amount on damp skin and massage it in for a minute and rinse off.

Honey Face Mask – Turmeric along with honey work wonders to help reduce redness from blemishes and calm skin conditions. This mask will help to detox your skin from within, removing dirt and impurities from the skin it helps to unclog the pores to fight acne and clear skin. The mask will help improve appearance of Uneven Skin tone and pigmentation with regular usage.

You will need –

  • Raw Honey – 1 Tbsp
  • Turmeric – 1/4 tsp

Mix honey with turmeric, if you worried about turmeric staining your skin, then use wild turmeric – a form of turmeric that is specially used in skincare and doesn’t stain your skin. Apply this mixture 2-3 times a week on damp skin, massage it in and leave it on for 20 mins. Rinse off and follow up with a good moisturizer.

Honey Face Serum – Honey protects the skin from fungal/bacterial infections as well as moisturizes, hydrates, & gives a glow to the skin. READ MORE – HONEY FACE SERUM FOR CLEAN AND CLEAR SKIN