Bags under your eyes! Yes, that is what they are! Those horrible dark circles which form under the lower eyelid. Since your skin around the eyelids is the thinnest area of skin on the body, it tends to succumb to fine lines, wrinkles, ageing and dark circles very easily.  These dark circles are also known as Periocular hyperpigmentation and can be caused by a number of factors which include fatigue, age, eye strain, lack of sleep, over exposure to the sun, allergies, dehydration or even genetics. Dark circles are a common problem for both men and women.


So here are 7 ways you can get rid of those dark circles over time:

1. Kojic Acid:

Kojic acid is a product which is produced by a few species of fungus and is also a byproduct of certain fermented foods. This Kojic acid helps inhibit and prevent the formation of tyrosine (an amino acid), which is needed for melanin (the natural skin pigment) formation.

Kojic acid is a natural ingredient which can help in skin whitening and it is often used to decrease hyperpigmentation. Since Kojic acid is a tyrosinase inhibitor, it can reduce the production of melanin, in turn helping the dark circles fade away.

Research shows that cosmetics or beauty products with 1% to 4% of kojic acid are safe to use. You can find kojic acid in products like creams, soaps, lotions, serums etc.

2. Vitamin C serum:

Vitamin C can help to brighten the skin under the eyes and also improve the skin’s elasticity. Melanin is the skin pigment responsible for the skin, hair and eye color of a person. Sometimes, there is an excess buildup of melanin in certain parts of the body, which causes darkening of the skin, which is called hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C helps to treat the pigmentation to lighten the dark skin under your eyes.

3. Rosehip Oil:

Rosehips are small red coloured fruits or seed pods of the rose plant. Just like its petals, rosehips too are edible and have multiple uses including for dark circles. It can help soothe and moisturize the skin, as it is loaded with nutrients, essential vitamins and fatty acids. It helps keep the skin hydrated and promotes the production of collagen (a protein found in skin) and can help in skin brightening.

4. Turmeric:

Turmeric is an age old spice that has been used over the years and has multiple benefits to both general health and even skin health. Turmeric helps decrease hyperpigmentation, which includes dark circles and is most effective if applied as a combination with other resources. READ MORE – Top 10: 2 INGREDIENT TURMERIC BEAUTY PRODUCTS for clear, healthy, and flawless skin


5. Caffeine:

Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in tea, coffee and cacao plants. What’s caffeine got to do with skin, you may ask? Well, caffeine stimulates blood circulation and this can help relieve the effect of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, as it acts as a restoration agent.

Caffeine has a potent blend of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which can help brighten the appearance of the skin and reduce darkness on skin.

You can apply it for your dark circles by mixing together 1 tbsp of coffee powder, with 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel. Please make sure your paste is medium thick and not watery in texture and consistency. Leave it on for 20 mins or overnight and rinse it off.

6. Retinoids:

Retinol is also known as Vitamin A and it helps maintain healthy skin, one among its many health benefits. Retinoids help in the production of collagen and stimulates the production of new blood vessels in the skin, which improves the skin’s colour. It can therefore help in fading away darkened skin and make dark circles less visible.

7. Hyaluronic Acid:

Hyaluronic acid is a gooey substance produced naturally by our body. One can increase its production by consuming foods like turnips, soy based foods, carrots, citrus fruits, potatoes, onions, bone broth, leafy vegetables etc. Its main function is to retain water and keep your tissues well lubricated and moist. Due to various factors our skin loses its ability to retain moisture like sun exposure, pollution, ageing or even dehydration and as a result to which, dark circles can start to appear. Using hyaluronic acid can help this.

8. Cold Tea Bags:

After you’ve enjoyed your cup of tea, instead of discarding the tea bag you had used, you can just cool them in the fridge for some time and place them on your eyes. It is a natural, easy and affordable home remedy which can help improve its appearance by reducing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes and make your eyes feel lighter. READ MORE – Alpha arbutin: a little-known secret for brighter, glowing and even skin

Caution: Do a patch test before completely applying, to see if it suits your skin. If it causes any irritation, rinse off immediately and discontinue its usage. You can also consult your dermatologist before starting to use any of these products. Read the instructions properly before using any of these products, to make sure you use it the right way.