Alpha arbutin: a little-known secret for brighter, glowing and even skin

While there are tons of products on the market that promise to brighten the skin, these products can be harsh to your sensitive skin and can also dry your skin. However, there is one ingredient that is not only perfect for all skin types but the Dermatologists call it the secret to ultra-bright and glowing skin. Alpha arbutin is the latest and the greatest skin care ingredient that is known to be a skin care superstar.

Alpha arbutin: a little-known secret for brighter, glowing and even skin


Arbutin is a naturally-occurring compound found in bearberries, blueberries, and cranberries. Alpha Arbutin is a potent and safe ingredient that dramatically reduces dark spots and blemishes for brighter, even-looking skin. Other than being known for its skin brightening abilities, alpha arbutin also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Alpha arbutin is a safer alternative to hydroquinone ( which is a skin lightening ingredient which is banned in most countries), It has similar skin brightening properties without any dangerous side effects to your skin.

This light serum easily absorbs into the skin to reduce the damage caused by UV exposure, resulting in clear, radiant skin. It helps to fade scars and pigmentation left behind by acne breakouts or sun damage. Alpha arbutin works extremely well to remove dark circles under your eyes when combined with vitamin C serum. READ MORE – Niacinamide a miracle ingredient for Clear and Glowing Skin

Alpha arbutin: a little-known secret for brighter, glowing and even skin


After cleaning your face, apply 2-3 drops of alpha arbutin on dry skin. Wait for 1-2 minutes for the Alpha Arbutin to penetrate your skin’s deeper layers before following up with other serums or moisturizers. You can use alpha arbutin in the AM and PM.

For the best results, combine alpha arbutin along with vitamin C. It is a best skin care combination to improve pigmentation, scars and even out skin tone, for a radiant glowing skin.  It takes 4-6 weeks for the serum to show effective results on your skin. It best to use the serum religiously for 3 months for effective results. It is important to remember that fading pigmentation and scars can take time, you won’t see results right away but have patience and persevere with daily use. 

Caution – Patch test before using the serum to check for any allergic reactions. People with extra sensitive skin should consult their dermatologist before using any new products. Wear a good amount of sunscreen and reapply our sunscreen if you are using alpha arbutin in the AM. READ MORE – SPEARMINT TEA for clear acne, reduce facial hair, detox body and more..