After constant use of products, there is a possibility to have product remnants like shampoo, conditioner, hair styling products, oils, gels etc which can lead to scalp buildup, over time. This is practically unhealthy for the scalp and can hamper hair growth, cause dryness, frizziness and also scalp infections.


This scalp buildup will not allow proper flow of nourishment to enter into the hair follicles. Scalp buildup needn’t just be product buildup, but can also be natural buildup of dead skin cells, flakes and dandruff etc. Therefore, in order to revive hair growth and enhance hair quality, it is very important to get rid of scalp buildup.

Here are some hacks to help get rid of product buildup:

1. Use an apple cider vinegar hair rinse:

Apple cider vinegar is acetic in nature and also contains alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) that can help reduce buildup and grease from the scalp and cleanse the skin.


  • 1 cup of filtered water
  • ⅛ cup or 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
    (Raw and unfiltered)


In a cup of filtered water, add in the apple cider vinegar and mix it well.

To use: Add this mixed apple cider vinegar and water solution into a spray bottle and spray it all over your scalp and hair evenly. When applying it on your hair, use downward strokes and gently rub it in. Then, let it sit for 30 minutes before washing your hair with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Pat dry your hair with a towel.

2.  Use micellar water:

Using micellar water can help deep clean the scalp, clean and nourish it. It can help remove scalp buildup effectively as micellars are tiny clusters of molecules that attach to impurities and eventually dissolve it. Micellar water or products with micellar water are free from harsh ingredients and contain ingredients to nourish and cleanse the scalp and hair. It is gentler as compared to clarifying shampoos (read below).

As for how often to use it, once a week or once in two weeks should be good for usage, depending on your requirement.

You can use micellar water just the same way you would use any other shampoo to wash your hair.


3. Use a scalp scrub:

The benefits of using a scalp scrub is just like you use face scrubs to exfoliate your skin, can be beneficial to help remove the excess dead skin cells, excess oil, dirt, product buildup and dandruff.

Here’s one scalp scrub you can try:

Sugar and olive oil and scrub:


  • 2 tbsp semi-granulated sugar or cane sugar
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
    (Or any hair oil of your choice)


Into a small mixing bowl, add in the semi-granulated sugar or cane sugar and olive oil and mix well, until the ingredients are well combined.

How to use it for your scalp: Wash your hair with water and then apply this on your scalp and gently exfoliate and massage it in using circular motions. Do this for 5 to 8 minutes and then wash off with a mild shampoo and conditioner as usual. READ MORE – SCALP SCRUB TO STOP HAIR FALL AND FOR HAIR GROWTH

4. Use a clarifying shampoo:

Clarifying shampoos are not regular use shampoos as they can strip the hair of all its nutrients and can cause the hair to become brittle and break. It can also lead to scalp irritation. So, clarifying shampoos can be used rarely only when required. As for how often it can be used, maximum once in a month (only if required) or once in two months should suffice.

Clarifying shampoos are shampoos that can purify the scalp by cutting through the product buildup and detox the hair and cleanse it. 

The best way to use a clarifying shampoo is by focusing on the scalp and roots and then progressively spreading it throughout the hair. Gently massage it in using circular motions and then rinse off with plain water. Then condition your hair with a mild conditioner and let it dry naturally.

Tip: You can also use a hair mask after rinsing the clarifying shampoo off, to help the hair regain the lost nourishment. READ MORE – SHAMPOO HACKS FOR HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH


Before using any of these products, a patch test is recommended to check for any reactions. If there is any scalp irritation, rinse off with plain water immediately and stop its usage with immediate effect.