Making brownies at home is something a lot of people love to do, because let’s be honest here, who doesn’t love brownies, right? They have chocolate, choco chips, are delicious, and are absolutely delicious and there’s nothing not to love in them!

BROWNIE FAILS - What's Ruining Your Brownies?

So, you probably look up a recipe over the internet and get everything together and make your brownies, but they either became too hard, or too cakey, weren’t fudgy enough or were too grainy maybe? Well, what could have gone wrong that ruined your expected “perfect” brownies?

Let’s talk about some of the common errors that one could make that ruins our brownies.

10 Reasons Why Your Brownies are Getting Ruined

1. There was too much flour added

In case you’ve added too much flour into your brownies, your brownies will often tend to become too dry and have a rather stale taste. The brownies may also become hard, with a thick and dense consistency.

2. They had too much fat 

For brownies that have too much fat content, they can become very greasy and slick in texture. They also become extremely fudgy and will tend to have an underbaked look.

3. The brownies were overbaked

Overbaked brownies often tend to look a little burnt and become dry. They may even have too much of a cakey texture.

4. They were cut too soon

If your brownies are cut as soon as you’ve removed them from the oven, it spells disaster. Here’s why – it can firstly become a messy affair and secondly, the overall texture and taste also could change. The best time to cut brownies is once they are cooled and refrigerated for a bit.

5. Only yolks were added

For brownies that contain only egg yolks, they can become dry and crumbly. Sometimes, these brownies could even completely fall apart and break up.

6. Too many eggs were added

For brownies that only contain many eggs, they can have a rather eggy taste and more of a grainy texture. Also, you will notice that your brownie has shrunk in size.

7. The brownies had too much cocoa powder

Making brownies with too much cocoa powder can give your brownies a more gooey and fudgy taste and texture, but the problem would be that the brownies will not hold their shape and cutting them into squares will be difficult.

8. There was not enough sugar in the brownies

Sugar in brownies is what creates its texture and sugar binds very easily with water. Thus, it can keep your brownies from becoming dry and keeps it moist. So lack of sugar can make your brownies become flat and of course, dry and more bitter.

9. You’ve overmixed the brownies

Overmixing brownies can cause your brownies to become tough and have a thin crust to form on the top of them. This happens because there is too much air incorporated during the overmixing process. Thus, it can complete change the texture of your brownies.

10. The temperature was incorrect

If your oven heat is set too low or too high while baking brownies, it can change the cooking time of the brownies and this can result in a change of texture and color of the brownies. The higher the temperature the brownies are baked at, the more cakey will be the texture.

Tips to follow to bake the perfect brownies:

  • Line your pan correctly while baking brownies.
  • Make sure to follow the recipe at every step, do not make any alterations.
  • Your brownie batter should be creamy and smooth.
  • Use good quality chocolate.
  • Always wait for your brownies to cool completely before you cut them. You could also refrigerate them for a bit after they are fully cooled, before you cut them.
  • Make sure to ribbon your brownies. This means mixing the eggs and sugar together, first, before incorporating the other ingredients.

To bake the best brownie without a recipe, follow the baking ratios below –