Hair colouring is more than just covering greys! People these days go for fashion colours, highlights, etc. and do it for a change in look or just for fun. Permanent hair dyes or colours cannot be washed off or faded by shampooing or washing and grow out naturally. But, what if your hair colour experiment turned out a disaster or you just want to fade your hair colour? Well, check the below DIY ways on how you can remove/fade or lighten your hair dye at home-



Anti-dandruff shampoos contain certain ingredients that help strip away and loosen the dye and fade it gradually. Wash your hair twice a week with anti-dandruff shampoos and make sure you are using a moisturizing hair mask right after as it can make your hair really dry.


Baking soda helps lift hair dye especially if its not really old and can fade it to a great extent. All you can do is make a baking soda solution by adding 2 tablespoons baking soda powder to 2 cups water and use it to massage hair before shampooing. Make sure you are using a moisturizing hair mask right after as it can make your hair really dry.


Lemon has lightening properties and helps lighten hair colour as well. You can apply diluted lemon juice on dyes hair and sit in the sun for 2 hours; best done (and feasible) before heading to beach. Shampoo off and use a good conditioner or hair mask as it can make your hair really dry.


White vinegar helps lighten hair dye and also nourish hair at the same time. You can use diluted white vinegar as a last hair rinse after shampooing.


Laundry detergent helps loosen hair dye to a great extent but can be really drying so use it only in case of stubborn hair colour and do not do this more than once a week. Use it to only wash hair strands and keep it away from scalp.


You might have heard hair dressers warning against using hot oil on coloured hair as it can fade the colour faster. Also, you end up using more shampoo than usual to wash it off and it just adds on to it. Hot oil treatment can help fade hair colour sooner and also nourish and protect from drying.


Soap nuts contain natural saponins that strip the hair off any dye layer and clarify hair. You can soak soapnuts in water overnight and cook it the next morning and mash the in the same hot water Strain and use this water as shampoo. Make sure you use a good quality hair mask.