Unwanted facial hair can be removed from the body with the help of laser hair removal methods, using a razor, applying wax, threading, electrolysis, or hair removal creams.


But if you are looking to reduce the unwanted hair then use these ayurvedic remedies as the results are fairly permanent hair removal depending upon how religiously you do it. Besides, these methods are all-natural and do make your skin healthy while working on removing the unwanted hair naturally –

Potato – Take a raw potato and blend it in a blender with a little water. Strain the juice of the potato and add in a tbsp of honey. Mix well and apply on the face for 15 minutes. Do this regularly for a month or till you see visible results. The potato not only helps to reduce unwated facial hair but will also brighten the skin.

Turmeric – Make a paste of /4 tsp of organic turmeric powder along with a tbsp of rice flour and apply all over face and other areas where there is unwanted hair growth. Massage it and rinse off with warm water.

Tea – One of the reasons for unwanted hair growth in women is the excess levels of testosterone. Spearmint tea helps in reducing the level of this hormone, thereby decreases the growth of unwanted hair. For better results, drink one cup of spearmint tea.

Flour – Take a tbsp of organic chickpea flour and add in 1/4 tsp turmeric powder with 1 Tbsp fresh yogurt and mix well. Apply and massage on the face, covering all hair. Leave it for 15 min and let the paste dry. Remove the dried paste by rubbing palms in the direction opposite the hair growth.

Oil – You will need some safflower oil and Thanaka Bark Powder (it is a yellowish paste available in ayurvedic stores). Take the oil and grind Thanaka in it to prepare a paste. The thickness of the paste should be similar to hair removal cream. Regular usage of this mask will stop unwanted hair growth.