An unhealthy scalp can cause hair fall, it is important to keep your scalp clean from dirt, oil, excess product buildup, and remove dead skin to unclog pores to boost hair growth. You can easily make a scalp scrub at home using natural ingredients to keep your scalp clean and healthy.

Aloe vera scalp scrub for hair growth

Aloe Vera helps to increase blood circulation to the scalp and delivers several important vitamins and minerals. It contains proteolytic enzymes that are known to support the repair of dead skin cells on the scalp. The gel deeply conditions as well as moisturizes hair from within, making it super soft and provides deep nourishment making hair long and strong. It softens the hair, reduces dryness, prevents dandruff and itchy scalp & heals bacterial or fungal infections.

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You will need –

Aloe vera gel
Fine sugar

To make – Wash and peel an aloe vera leaf and scoop out the gel using a spoon. Add the fresh aloe vera gel to a blender jar and blend well. Add the gel to a bowl. You can also strain the gel for a smooth consistency.

Take some sugar and add it to a blender and pulse for 2-3 secs until you get a sand-like texture. This will make the sugar very fine and easy to use on your scalp. Add the sugar to the aloe vera gel and mix it well.

To use – Take a tablespoon of aloe vera scalp scrub and very gently rub it on your scalp for 60 secs to exfoliate your scalp. This will get rid of dry, dead skin and also unclog hair follicles to boost hair growth. Simply rinse off the scrub with plain water. Follow it up once or twice a month to keep your scalp clean.

Caution – Do not use a scalp scrub if you have an inflamed or sensitive scalp.