VITAMIN C RICH JUICE for faster and thicker hair growth

Drink this juice to make your hair follicles stronger to reduce hair fall and grow thicker hair.

VITAMIN C RICH JUICE for faster and thicker hair growth

It is loaded with Vitamin C that gives a healthy scalp and gives volume, bounce and shine to hair. The juice improves collagen activity to improve hair growth. Amla – nature’s powerful antioxidant and rich source of Vitamin C, is a great source of boosting the growth of collagen that is an important part of the hair structure. Additionally, Vitamin C also helps your body absorb iron, a mineral necessary for hair growth.

Curry leaves are a rich source of vitamin b, one of the vitamins essential for hair health while rich in sulfur and potassium content that is present in cucumber, it helps to stop hair fall and stimulate hair growth. 

You will need –

  • Cucumber
  • Amla ( Indian Gooseberry) or kiwi or goji berries can be a good substitute for amla.
  • Ginger
  • Curry leaves or Mint leaves
  • Salt and Pepper

Soak the ingredients in a saltwater bath for 10 mins to get rid of any dirt and other impurities. Then rinse them off thoroughly with water. Cut them and add the ingredients into a blender jar. Blend them really well and strain.