Use this after shampoo for hair growth

Make a natural conditioner to use after shampoo that will repair and strengthen weak, damaged & brittle hair and promote hair growth by effectively repairing your damaged hair shaft.

Use this after shampoo for hair growth

Rice helps to strengthen strands, fortify weak roots, and infuse the scalp with minerals and vitamins. Rice smoothens rough cuticles, adds strength and shine.

Aloe vera help to improve hair’s elasticity and strength, protect strands from photodamage and boost healthy shine. It also helps to condition the strands and form a protective barrier to help prevent breakage. It softens and provides strength while protecting your hair from harmful styling heat and UV damage as it gives you smooth tresses.

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You will need –

  • Aloe vera gel
  • Cooked rice
  • Hair oil
  • Fermented rice water

Add cooked rice in a blender jar along with fresh aloe vera gel from the plant. Add fermented rice water to it and any lightweight hair oil of choice. I used black seed oil which has amazing antioxidant and hair growth boosting properties. Blend on high until smooth. Strain the mixture using a strainer for a smoother consistency.

To use – Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and squeeze out the excess water. You can make a homemade hair growth shampoo using natural ingredients. READ MORE – 10 NATURAL ORGANIC DIY SHAMPOO RECIPES FOR HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH

Apply the rice conditioner to your hair and leave it on for 10 mins. Lightly rinse it off with plain water, I like to use cold water to rinse off m conditioner. You can also use it as a hair mask, apply it on your hair and scalp for 30 mins and rinse it off with plain water.

Store – Pour the leftover rice mixture into an ice cube tray and freeze it until solid. Remove from the ice cube tray and store the ice cubes and place it in a jar or a zip lock pouch and freeze. When you want to use it, just thaw 1-2 rice cubes and use it on your hair.