If you have acne prone skin, you probably already know how stubborn acne can be and how in most cases they behind scars and marks. Before you start treating your acne, you need to know the core reason behind your acne breakouts. Acne face mapping can tell a lot about its possible reasons and can make the treatment easier. Acne face mapping or simply reasoning the acne breakouts based on where they frequently appear can help you effectively clear up your skin by taking possible measurements.




Acne that frequently appears on the forehead area and on and around the nose can mean improper digestion and poor diet. Also, if you have dandruff that falls on your forehead and nose, it can cause acne. Stress and chemicals in your hair care or hair styling products can also be one of the possible reasons behind acne on forehead and nose.


Eyebrow acne is quite common especially if you wax or shave your eyebrows and ingrown hair can cause acne. Other major reason could be eyebrow makeup product, face makeup that accumulates in your brow area and low water intake. In rare cases, gall bladder issues could case acne near eyebrows.


Acne on the cheeks is really common and majority of acne appears in this area also because we touch our cheeks a lot of times throughout the day. Our cell phones contain a lot of bacteria, more than you could ever imagine and while you talk on your phone, you end up transferring all of it on your cheeks causing possible acne. Even sleeping on a dirty pillow case and using unwashed dirty makeup brushes can cause cheek acne.


Acne on your hairline can mean product buildup. Even pomades, hair mousse, styling sprays and products can cause acne on the hair line. Also if you frequently sweat, hairline acne can occur.


Acne in and around your eyes and ear lobe can mean stress and improper diet. Even bacterial buildup in and around ears can cause acne. Other possible reasons could be hormonal imbalances and allergic reactions to hair care products, hair styling products and cosmetics.


If you have hormonal imbalances in the body or if you take a lot of stress, it will always first show up in the form of acne on chin and jawline area. Another possible reason could be improper diet.

Now that you know the possible reason behind acne on your face, you can treat it effectively and take preventive measures to keep skin clear.