Instantly eliminate frizz and tame frizzness to give your hair the much needed smoothness it deserves by using aloe vera as a natural hair spray.  It repairs damaged hair & further strengthens it against hair fall. It leaves hair feeling incredibly smooth and shiny. ALOE VERA HAIR BENEFITS Aloe vera- […]

Hair growth is often affected by lack of nutrition, product buildup, excessive heat treatments etc. If your hair lacks optimum growth, you might have already tried a lot of products but if nothing ever worked for you, you can give these hair growth sprays a try- ROSEMARY HAIR SPRAY In […]

Rice water is well known for its amazing beauty benefits, when applied on hair it adds softness, shine and also promotes healthy hair. The vitamins and minerals in rice improves the overall growth of hair and with regular use, it strengthens the hair follicles and makes your scalp healthy.Overnight hair […]