Looking for a super healthy and nutritious snack to eat when you’re hungry after a tiring workout or maybe want something simple to munch on for breakfast when you’re in a rush?

The store bought peanut butter is loaded with palm oil, sugar and a host of other additives. The commercial peanut butter is heated and poured into plastic containers. The heat-packaged oil-based products packed in plastic food storage containers is related to heavy metals toxicity.


Well, what’s better than a toasted slice of bread with homemade peanut butter! Yes, homemade, because peanut butter is super easy to make at home and contains only peanuts.

Check out the recipe along with the benefits of eating peanut butter, below!

How does eating peanut butter benefit your health?

  • Peanuts contain “good fats” which can help lower the levels of cholesterol (a waxy substance found in all the cells of your body) and can stop small clots of blood from forming, in turn reducing one the risk of having a heart attack or even a stroke.
  • After eating peanut butter, you feel a sense of fullness (with lesser calorie consumption) because of its protein content, thus curbing your appetite. Therefore you can eat lesser and maintain your weight or even shed a few kilograms.
  • Peanuts are low-glycemic food. Glycemic index is a number which determines how fast your body converts carbohydrates in food, into glucose (simple sugar). So consumption of peanut butter will not let you have a spike in your blood sugar levels.
  • Peanuts are a good source of fibre (also known as roughage, is a part of plant based foods which the body cannot break down and remains undigested), which can help reduce inflammation throughout the body and also keep the digestive system clean, easing bowel movements, flushing out cholesterol and keeping harmful carcinogens (substances which can cause cancer) at bay.

Watch full video here – to know how to make peanut butter and peanut milk at home

Here’s a DIY recipe to make peanut butter at home:


Organic Peanuts

Honey or date syrup (optional)


Step 1: On a pan on low heat, dry roast organic peanuts until they start to become brownish in colour and the skin starts to peel off. Then turn off the flame and peel off the skin when it starts to cool down (you can rub the peanuts between your palms and the skins will come off easily, once roasted).

Step 2: In a mixer grinder, grind 2 tsp of roasted peanuts until it breaks into fine bits (do not completely grind, as these bits are going to be added to give the peanut butter a crunch). You can increase or decrease this quantity depending on the amount of crunch you want. Set this aside.

* You can also skip this stage and use all the peanuts to be ground into a paste, if you prefer your peanut butter smooth and pasty.

Step 3: In a mixer grinder, grind the rest of the dry roasted peanuts into a fine paste, after which you can add in the honey or date syrup (if you wish to make your peanut butter a little sweet). You can increase or decrease the amount of honey or date syrup as per your requirement. Keep grinding it until it turns into a fine smooth paste and only then turn off the mixer grinder.

Step 4: Pour the ground peanut mixture into a mixing bowl and then add in the bits of peanuts which were set aside and gently mix until everything is combined well and store in an air tight container. It is now ready to consume.

Tip: If you find that you aren’t able to grind your peanuts into a very fine and smooth paste, you can add ½ to 1 tbsp of oil (gradually).

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