I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of people talk about how soaking nuts overnight is a good thing to do. But why though? How does it benefit you?

Soak Nuts and seeds For Better Health

Well, I had to find out the actual reason why soaking nuts is a good idea and therefore did some of my own research. It turns out that the soaking of nuts can in water overnight can help enhance their nutritional value and can make digestion easier. Soaked nuts or seeds can also help improve the body’s ability to absorb their nutrients. In addition to this there were many other benefits of soaking nuts, so check them out below.

This article will also tell you the right method to soak nuts overnight.

How does soaking nuts overnight benefit you?

Soaked nuts are easier to digest and can promote beneficial bacteria (sometimes referred to as probiotics, which can be similar to the bacteria found in the human body) growth in the colon (large intestine). They can also be used as a food substitute as the nuts or seeds become soft once soaked and can become easier to blend. In addition to this, the flavour of the nuts becomes more enhanced as they absorb the water and stay hydrated.

How to soak nuts the right way?

Here’s how you can soak nuts overnight the right way:

Step 1: Take the nuts you are going to consume or wish to soak and put it in a container or glass jar which has a lid.

Step 2: After you’ve placed the nuts in, fill the container with water. Let the water be a little more and not just covering the nuts, as they will start absorbing the water and begin to swell. Keep the container covered with a lid.

Step 3: You can keep the container with the soaked nuts in the refrigerator or even outside in room temperature.

Step 4: (Keeping in mind the soaking time required, remember, harder the nut, longer the time required to be soaked). Strain the nuts and it then can be consumed. Discard the water.

Note: If you aren’t able to consume all the nuts which were soaked, rinse them under running water and dry them on a towel or under heat, as they can get mouldy. Therefore it is preferable to soak only how many nuts you wish to consume.

Things to keep in mind while soaking nuts in water overnight:

  • The harder the nut, the longer it needs to be soaked.  For example – almonds can be soaked for 10 to 12 hours, while cashew nuts can be soaked for even 2 to 4 hours.

Nuts to be soaked longer (8 to 12 hours) – almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts

Nuts to be soaked for minimum time (4 to 8 hours) – pecans, walnuts, Brazil nuts (These nuts are oiler and can swell up quickly).

Nuts to be soaked for lesser time (2 to 4 hours) – cashew nuts, macadamia nuts, pine nuts (Soaking these for longer than required can break down their health promoting oils).

  • When the nuts are ready to be consumed, strain the water out and eat only the nuts. The residual water contains the absorbed enzyme inhibitors. These enzyme inhibitors are used to protect the nut. They help keep them in hibernation until they can sprout.

    Soaking the nuts replicates the moist conditions required for their germination/sprouting and neutralizes these anti-nutrients (phytic acid or phytates) and enzyme inhibitors, making it easier for digestion.