Has your skin been looking dull and lifeless and lost its radiant glow? Well, there are numerous skin care products that we can use to bring back skin shine and lustre, but are you using those products in the right way? Apart from the skincare products, the routine you use is equally important.

Well, the super trending and viral TikTok trend “Skin Cycling” seems to be an amazing skincare routine that is known to actually show results within no time!


So are you ready to hop on this trend? Check out this article for all the details below!

What exactly is Skin Cycling?

Skin cycling is a skincare routine concept that involves a four-day skin care cycle that uses products with different types of active ingredients. This is done in order to encourage the skin’s natural cell turnover process.

It involves product application days and skin recovery days, in order to see the best results and effects to rebuild the skin and improve the skin’s overall appearance.

Even though it is a “TikTok trend”, this skincare routine is dermatologically backed and has proven to be helpful for the skin and can help make the skin recover and give it a radiant glow.

It helps to give the skin a break from using products with active ingredients on a daily basis.

The process of skin cycling involves a 4-night skincare routine and then, of course, repeating the routine thereafter.

How is Skin Cycling Done?

For first-timers, following the right skin cycling skincare routine is very important, and here’s how it goes:

Night 1: Using an exfoliating product

On night 1 of your skin cycling routine, wash your face with any mild cleanser and then apply a product (either a serum or a toner) that contains exfoliants as its active ingredient.

This will promote skin shedding by loosening up dead skin cells. This natural process of the skin peeling off is called desquamation. This will lead to the shedding of the skin’s outermost layer.

Once you have applied the exfoliating product, then moisturize your face with any moisturizer of your choice. Do not use any other products apart from these thereafter.

Note: Make sure to choose an exfoliating product that matches your skin type (those with acne-prone skin can choose products with salicylic acid or products with mandelic acid etc) and one that is not too harsh on the skin. For normal skin types, choosing products with lactic acid and avoiding products with glycolic acid is always recommended.

Night 2: Using a retinoid

On night 2, you will have to first wash your face with a mild cleanser as usual and then apply a product with retinoids (just a pea-sized amount, all over your face). Lastly, complete by applying your regular skin moisturizer and no other product.

Using a retinoid will increase cell turnover and can help even out skin tone and reduce skins of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines. It can also help boost the production of collagen in the skin, improving the condition of the skin.

Note: If you are a first-time retinoid product user, then make sure to use one with a lower concentration before using those with higher concentrations of retinoids.

Night 3 and Night 4: Days for skin recovery

Night 3 and 4 are simply for skin recovery. Just wash your face with a mild cleanser as usual and use a skin moisturizer that contains lipids or those ceramides can help boost skin health. Do not use any other products apart from these.

What should be your Ideal Morning Skin Care Routine?

Your morning routine can be kept simple, using just a simple skin cleanser and following it up with a skin moisturizer.

Note: It is very important to use sunscreen if you are going to be outdoors.