Has there been a time when you’ve mistakenly added a little too much salt in your dish and wondering if there’s any way you can fix this problem without having to throw this dish out? Well, guess what – there is!

What to Do If the Dish Is Too Salty?

Here are different ways to fix a dish that’s too salty:

1. Add in some citrus

Adding in some citrus can help because it is acidic in nature and it can counteract the saltiness. So add in just a little citrus juice like lemon juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, tomato juice (or some ketchup), to help dissipate the saltiness. It can give your dish a lovely tangy flavour as well.

2. Add in some milk-based condiments

Adding in a dash of sour cream, milk cream, yogurt, cheese etc., can help reduce the salty taste. These milk-based condiments work as neutralizers to the salty flavour in your dish.

3. Add in some potato

Boiling a couple of potatoes, chopping them into fours and adding them into your dish can be a game-changer when it comes to lowering the effects of the salty taste. The potato will not remove the saltiness, but they can absorb the salt to a certain extent, thereby reducing the saltiness.

4. Add in sweeteners

If you add in a little sweetener, like sugar, honey or maple syrup, it can help tone down the saltiness. The dish will become sweet and salty, which makes for a great flavouring for a dish.

5. Add in milk

Into your dish, add in some heavy cream, milk or even coconut milk (or any other plant-based milk of your choice works as well) can instantly help reduce the saltiness and make the dish more creamier. Milk (milk-based items) contains some amounts of sugar/sweetness and can this help cut down the salty flavour.

6. Add in a little water

Adding in just a little water and then bringing the dish to it to a boil, is one of the simplest and easiest ways to reduce the saltiness. Nevertheless, water may dilute the dish’s taste as well and therefore, you might need to add in some of the other seasonings to enhance its flavour.

7. Add in a dash of flour

This idea may seem rather absurd to you. Well, it works and so it can be used, right? All you need to do is add in a dash of flour and leave it for a bit. It will absorb the excess salt and after a few minutes, you can scoop it out.

8. Add small dough balls

Similar to how potatoes work, you can make small balls of dough and add it into your dish. It will help absorb the excess salt, but will not soak up any of the liquid from the gravy (unlike potatoes). Thereafter, remove the dough balls from the dish once you find the level of saltiness has balanced out.

9. Add in a little vinegar with sugar

You can add in a little vinegar (as it is acidic) into your dish to help reduce the saltiness. In case it is still very salty, then add in a spoon of sugar as well to set it off.

10. Add an onion to your dish

Chop up an onion into a few pieces and add it into your dish. You could either add in fried pieces of onion or even as is, raw. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes in the dish and thereafter, you can remove the pieces of onion. The onion will help reduce the saltiness, as it can soak up the excess salt from the dish.