Salt is one of the most essential ingredients when it comes to cooking any dish. I’m sure you have heard of kosher salt, table salt, sea salt, black salt etc. But did you know that there are many different types of salt and each have different uses when it comes to cooking.

12 Different Types of Salt and How to Use Them

Well, I’m going to talk about 12 different types of salt in this article and I’ll also tell you where and how you can use them! So, let’s get started.

12 Different Types of Salt and How to Use Them

1. Table Salt

Well, I’m quite certain that everyone knows about this type of salt. It is one of the most commonly used types of salt in cooking, with a fine texture. It comes from mining salt deposits.

But did you know that table salt is not a fully “natural” type of salt? This is because table salt is process and refined, thereby losing a lot of its minerals.

Best Used For: Seasoning, baking, cooking

2. Kosher Salt

This is yet another commonly used salt in the kitchen. This type of salt is rather grainy in texture and is less refined as compared to table salt. It has a lot of pure sodium chloride. It comes from rock salt deposits. Kosher salt is much lighter than table salt, so use a ratio of 1:1 when you substitute these two ingredients.

Best Used For: Sprinkle on roasted vegetables, use in Salting meats because it clings well to the surface and is easy to distribute and seasoning at the end of cooking. You can also use it to clean cookware or cast iron skillet.

3. Flake Salt

Flake salt is a good type of salt for seasoning items for cooking. This salt is flaked and has a unique flat shape of the salt crystals.

Best Used For: Seasoning items, for adding texture to food

4. Fleur De Sel

Flake salt has unique large flat, square crystals. This type of salt is known to be one of the “most precious” ingredients in the world and this is because this salt is handmade, as it is harvested from the top of salt ponds. This type of salt isn’t used in the cooking process, but is more of a “finishing salt”.

Best Used For: It is often used in baking and confectionery for garnishing sweets. Use it in fancy sweet treats like candies, caramels, or creme brulee.

5. Sea Salt

Sea salt is obtained when sea water is evaporated and it is then processed, but not as much as table salt. Thus, it still has some traces of its minerals left behind.

Best Used For: More affordable versions for salting meats, seafood, and vegetables. 

6. Flavoured Salt

Flavoured salt is basically flakey salt mixed with dry spices or herbs, to give the salt “flavouring”.

Best Used For: Seasoning of vegetables, fish, meat, poultry.

Smoked Salt

A simple way to add salty and smoky flavors to dishes. Smoked salt derives its significant flavor and aroma from the smoking process with bark tree woods.

Best used for: Add it to dry rubs and marinades to add a smoky taste. Great for barbecued meats and vegetables.

7. Red Salt

Red salt is got from red volcanic clay (from Hawaii) and has over 8- types of minerals in it, while it also contains red oxide. This salt has a mild salty taste and is also mild in its flavour.

Best Used For: Adding flavoring, sautéing, roasting. Seasoning salads, vegetables, barbecued meats, fish, and poultry.

8. Pink Salt

Pink salt is got from the rock crystals in the Himalayas that contain sodium and minerals including iron and zinc. It has a salty taste, as compared to table salt and is also very healthy as compared to table salt.

Best Used For: Garnish and Season meats, soups, salads, and vegetables. Pink salt is also used in spa treatment to improve skin conditions and relieve muscle pain.

9. Black SaltKala Namak

“Kala Namak”, as the Indians call it, is none other than black salt. It has a strong and pungent odor and is rich in flavor. This type of salt is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium and many other minerals (trace elements).

Best Used For: Flavouring, curries, pickling, salads. Used in South Asian dishes and adding an egg-like flavor to vegan recipes.

10. Celtic Sea Salt

This type of salt, is also known as “grey salt”. It is got from the clay found in salt flats. This type of salt is known to help lower blood pressure and is also good for general health. It has a rather chunky texture.

Best Used For: Use as a finishing salt on roasted vegetables or grilled meat or seafood.

11. Black Lava Salt

This salt in inundated with activated charcoal, once it is harvested. Thus, its dark color. This type of salt is known to be good to cleanse and detoxify the body and it can also improve and enhance one’s digestion.

Best Used For: Sprinkling on food, flavouring, garnishing

12. Pickling Salt

Pickling salt is often grained finely to dissolve easily in water. It helps boost the pickling process and results in a better brine solution.

Best Used For: pickling salt is used for pickling and canning.