12 Rose Color Meanings You Should Know Before You Buy

Be it Valentines’ Day or a Mother’s Day gift, maybe a kind gesture gift to your loved one when you get home from work or a small gift to a sick person in hospital even, roses are always loved!

12 Rose Color Meanings You Should Know Before You Buy

But did you know that each color of roses have their own significance and meaning? Yes, red roses for love, white for loyalty, dark pink for appreciation.

Well, there are so many different beautiful colors of roses and today we’re here to talk about their meanings!

Meanings of 12 Different Rose Colors

1. Red Roses

Red roses, well, this one’s a pretty obvious one I’m sure. Red roses are a classic way of saying you love someone and these roses are often given to a loved one, often a spouse or partner.

2. Dark Pink Roses

Dark pink roses can be given both in platonic relationships and in romantic relationships as a sign of honour and gratitude. It celebrates appreciation to a person you love and care about.

3. Black Roses

While black roses may not exist naturally, roses are dyed black and given to signify major changes in one’s life, including new beginnings. It gives out signals of hope, confidence and courage.

4. White Roses

White roses signify purity, loyalty and innocence. They are one of the most-sought choices for wedding decorations. They are also a symbol of everlasting or eternal love and commitment. Also, this is why white roses are often also uses as decorations at funerals.

5. Purple Roses

Purple roses are often a symbol of splendor, royalty and luxury. These flowers symbolize admiration, wonder and opulence. So, for those opening a new showroom or invited you for their housewarming, these flowers are a perfect gift.

6. Orange Roses

Orange roses signify energy and passion, wit whole-hearted enthusiasm. They are best given to those who you are looking to support and send positive wishes to. Be it a celebration of a new job, a promotion, a gift for a house-warming and more, these roses are perfect for such occasions.

7. Maroon Roses

Maroon or burgundy roses covey loyalty and passion. They signify commitment towards the recipient of the roses. They make for the perfect gift for anniversaries, for those looking to have serious relationships and more.

8. Yellow Roses

Yellow roses symbolize warmth. They signify friendship and cheerfulness. They are given to a friend or anyone you are thankful to. They are also given as a sign of well-wishes as well.

9. Peach Roses

Peach roses signify sincerity, gratitude and modesty. They signify innocence and youth. These roses are a great way of showing someone how thoughtful and caring you are of them.

10. Coral Roses

Coral roses are often given in excitement to someone starting something new. It can even be given on a first date, which maybe the beginning of something new, but yet to turn into something more meaningful and serious.

11. Baby Pink Roses

Baby pink roses celebrate feminity.   They symbolize grace, joy and gentleness. These roses are a symbol of elegance and are great additions to occasions.

12. Blue Roses

Blue roses symbolize mystery and uniqueness. It is given in admiration of something unique and unusual. It can even be given to someone who you see as unique and wonderful.

What Do Mixed Rose Colors Mean?

When you have more than one message to convey and do not want to specifically signify just one meaning, then giving a bunch of roses with mixed or multiple colors is a common doing. A mixed bouquet can signify mixed desires of love, friendship, gratitude, sympathy, care and more.