Rose water acts as a natural astringent that helps to cleanse the skin pores and gently tone your skin. As mild as it may seem, it is a miracle solution for healthy glowing skin. It contains amazing benefits to keep your scalp healthy to promote hair growth. Find more about how to make rose water at home with benefits and uses –

ROSE WATER for healthy hair and clear skin


Rose water skin benefits – It helps to balance pH of skin and tightens pores. It is a natural toner for glowing skin. The antioxidants in rose water protect the cells in the skin against damage. It soothes skin irritation, acts as an anti-aging product and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Rose water Hair benefits – Rose water is advantageous for your scalp and hair. It reduces the oiliness and dandruff on your scalp, its anti-inflammatory properties makes it beneficial for scalp conditions like, psoriasis and eczema, it calms down frizz and adds shine to your hair. Its scent might help reduce headaches and irritability.

For those who have extra active sebaceous glands, which makes your hair greasy all the time, rose water can be used to control the excess generation of oil. The pH of rose water nourishes your scalp and reduces generation of excess oil. Using rose water to massage your scalp, helps in rehydrating it, increases blood circulation which rejuvenates the hair follicles of the scalp and the vitamins ( Vitamin A, B3, C and E) present in it promote hair growth.


Rose water has multiple benefits as mentioned above. There are different ways to use it in your daily routine.

Rose water to clear dandruff – You can use rose water as a rinse after shampooing and conditioning your hair. Simply pour rose water after hair wash and leave it in. Let your hair air dry and style your hair as usual. You can also add rose water to your shampoo or conditioner or, you can also spray on your scalp before bedtime to reduce dandruff and itchy scalp.

Rose water Hair Growth Spray –  Refresh your scalp and make it healthier to prevent hair fall and grow faster hair by using rose water as a leave in hair conditioner. READ MORE – COCONUT OIL HAIR SPRAY to repair dry damaged hair

Rose water Glowing skin –  Adding rose water to face packs gives a fresh feel to the skin and spraying it after makeup gives it a dewy finish and a nice glow. You can use it for de-tanning your skin. Take 1 teaspoon of rose water and add 2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel, mix well and use it as a face serum. It gives you a acne free, soft and glowing face.

Rose water Makeup remover –  You can use it as a makeup remover. For this you need 3 teaspoons of rose water and 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil. Mix it well and use a cotton swab to remove makeup.

Rose water Glowing skin – You can use it as an astringent for healthy glowing skin. Add a few drops of jojoba oil to the rose infused water and shake it well. Use it regularly for best results on your skin to rid it of acne and scars. Wet a cotton swab with rose water and place it on your eyelids for 15 mins to reduce the puffiness of your eyes. You can use it as an after shaving and waxing solution to reduce the redness and irritation of skin. Make rose tea for glowing skin – CLEAR SKIN TEA RECIPE – healthy skin from within

Rose water eye and lip care – Rose water can be used to lighten dark circles and soften lips. Take 1/4 cup of rose water, add a few drops of rosehip oil and mix well. Dip a cotton pad in this mixture and let it chill in the refrigerator for 10 mins. Use the chilled rose water pads on your eyes and on your lips. Leave it on for 15 mins and rinse off.


You will need –

  • Fresh organic roses (free of chemicals and pesticides)
  • Distilled water

There are different ways to prepare rose water. You can use a simple method to prepare rosewater at home. Take 3 full flowers, pluck out all the petals and clean them well. Immerse the petals in 1 ½ cup of distilled water.

Boil it for 15 -30 mins on low flame (simmer) till the petals lose their color. Keep the container covered throughout till it cools down and strain the rose water to separate it from the petals. You can store the solution in a spray bottle and use it as per your convenience. READ MORE – How To Use Turmeric To Clear Scars And Treat Hyperpigmentation