Rice Water a lot of vitamins, minerals, and ceramides to brighten the skin and helps to grow your hair faster. Rice water deep cleans the skin and also removes impurities leaving your skin soft and supple. It strengthens the roots, balances the scalp’s pH, Fights dandruff, nourishes hair follicles, and boosts hair growth.


Clear skin – Fermented rice water is a great skin brightener! It evens out skin tone and adds a healthy glow! Has pH balancing properties that help keep minor skin infections and rashes at bay. Is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial in nature. Keeps skin clear and flawless and add a healthy reflective glow to the skin. Prepare fermented water using any of these 5 methods – 5 best ways to make rice water and how to use

Rice water along with rose water helps to smooth the skin and leaves you with a brighter complexion. Add 1/4 cup of fermented rice water with 1/4 cup of rose water. Spray this water on your face before going to bed or use it as a face toner. ** Patch test before using rice water on your face.


Hair growth mask – To make a hair growth boosting hair mask, mix equal amounts of fermented rice water with fresh aloe vera gel from the plant. Blend everything together in a blender and apply on your hair and scalp, leave it on for 30 mins or overnight. Rinse it off with plain water.


Rice Hair Spray – Use rice water on your hair overnight to make your hair grow longer and stronger. To make an overnight rice water hair spray here – OVERNIGHT RICE WATER HAIR SPRAY FOR FASTER HAIR GROWTH


Energy Water – The water that the rice is cooked in makes for an energy drink. The cooked rice water also helps to soothe and upset stomach. So next time you cook your rice, do not throw the rice water. Instead drink the water for a natural energy drink.

rice hair conditioner

Rice Hair conditioner – Rice deeply conditions and nourishes your hair from deep within. – Overnight rice mask for hair growth and amazing shine

rice water eyebrows

Eyebrow growth – Rice water works amazingly well to boost eyebrows. For an amazing eyebrow growth serum, mix rice water along with black castor oil and add it to a clean mascara bottle. Shake it really well to mix it together each them u use it and apply it on your eyebrows.