How To Relieve Mosquito Bites Naturally

Mosquito bites often create a swollen and itchy bump, that makes the skin sore. While most mosquito bites are pretty harmless, certain kinds of mosquitoes may carry diseases too. Dengue and malaria are common names in the list of diseases caused by mosquito bites. Whether you get infected with diseases or not is a different matter, but mosquito bites can be quite uncomfortable. Wondering how to relieve mosquito bites naturally? Check out some of the easy DIY treatments with kitchen and natural ingredients:

How To Relieve Mosquito Bites Naturally



Ice is helpful in making the skin numb immediately and reducing inflammation. Use cold pack on the affected area to relieve those mosquito bite itches. 


Oatmeal contains anti-irritant properties that help relieve swelling. Mix oatmeal and water in equal quantities to make a paste. Put a spoonful paste in a washcloth and place it on the affected area for about ten minutes. Wipe it clean.


Mix a tbsp baking soda with water to make a smooth paste and apply on the mosquito bite. Wait for ten minutes and then wash off with plain water.


Honey has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Pour a tiny drop of honey on the itchy area to lesson that temptation to scratch!


A storehouse of anti-inflammatory properties, Aloe vera does much more than just decorating your shelves. Since it is known to help with minor infections, try applying aloe vera gel to relieve mosquito bites instantly.


A dab of ACV can be really effective in soothing that itchy bite by lessening the burning sensation. Soak a washcloth in a mixture of vinegar and cold water and apply to the affected area. READ MORE – APPLE CIDER VINEGAR 10 BEST BENEFITS AND USES


Chamomile has healing properties. When applied on affected area, it helps reduce inflammation and irritation. Take some died and crushed chamomile flowers and make tea out of it. Let it cool and soak a cotton ball with the tea, then apply on mosquito bite. It is best to keep some refrigerated chamomile tea handy and use it for treating mosquito bite instantly, whenever necessary.


Onions are notorious for making you teary-eyed. However, did you know that it can actually help wipe those tears when you are struggling with mosquito bites? Cut an onion bulb to extract fresh onion juice, that’s known to be rich in anti-fungal properties. Apply onion juice directly on your irritated skin to soothe that itching sensation.


The benefits of witch hazel for skin have been widely recognized and that’s why it is a well-known ingredient for your astringent solution. Apply a tiny amount of witch hazel on your mosquito bite and it will help reduce swelling, burning sensation and irritation. READ MORE – MOSQUITO REPELLENT NATURAL REMEDIES

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