Pineapple is a juicy tropical fruit with a regal crown that is appreciated not just for its sweet and tart taste but also for its immense health and beauty benefits. Also, pineapple is the second most favorite tropical fruit in the world.


Just like lemon water, Pineapple water contains amazing amounts of vitamins, enzymes, and minerals that is good to improve overall health and beauty. Anything that is consumed in a liquid form is easily and fast absorbed by the body and for this reason; pineapple is best consumed in the form of pineapple water! Before getting on to the benefits, let us know how to make delicious pineapple water:


Take one organic chopped or sliced pineapple in a jar. Add in 4 cups of water and let it infuse for 1 hour or overnight; store it in the refrigerator. For added benefits, you can sprinkle some black salt and roasted cumin powder in the pineapple water before you serve.


Anti-Inflammatory – Pineapple is a major dietary source of bromelain, while it’s found in the greatest concentration within the core of the fruit, it is also found in the sweet parts and in the juice. Bromelain has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it useful in the treatment of various injuries and pain.

Weight loss – Drink pineapple water in the morning to prevent sugar and fat cravings, good for people who want to maintain their ideal weight or lose weight.

Rich in Antioxidants – Pineapples are rich in antioxidants that help to fight against free radicals in the body, thereby preventing any further cellular damage. These antioxidants also protect our body from various diseases like heart diseases, arthritis, atherosclerosis, various cancers, etc.

Cough syrup – Pineapple water combined with honey helps to reduce inflammation and also helps to treat every type of cough, especially dry cough. To make your own cough syrup with pineapple, simply mix 1 tbsp. of honey with 1/2 cup of pineapple water. You can slightly warm the pineapple water to help dissolve honey more quickly and evenly.

Morning sickness – Drinking pineapple water in the morning can help reduce nausea caused by morning sickness. The nausea-relieving effect can be attributed to its high vitamin and mineral content, especially vitamin B6 that helps to relieve nausea.

Healthy teeth and gums – Pineapple contains a high amount of vitamin C that is beneficial for strong teeth.  Eating pineapple strengthens gums and keeps your teeth healthy and strong. It prevents plaque formation by restricting the activities of bacteria, reduces the risk of periodontal diseases and also gingivitis.

Improve Digestion – The enzyme bromelain present in Pineapple is useful to improve digestion and ensure the neutralization of acids. Bromelain breaks down the protein into simpler form and aids in digestion.

Healthy Bones – Low levels of manganese have been associated with bone malformation and bone loss leading to low bone density and osteoporosis. Pineapple water can be a good source of the trace mineral manganese that is essential for bone health.

Clear Skin – Applying pineapple water can significantly reduce the appearance of acne. Yes, among various other natural treatments, pineapple plays a significant role to reduce the appearance of acne and spots on the face. You may directly apply pineapple water mixed with few drops tea tree oil (optional) twice or thrice over the acne with the help of a cotton ball.