Have you got permanent marker stains on your favorite clothes or have your kids stained your walls with permanent markers don’t seem to come off easily then here is a full proof plan to remove permanent marker stains from almost everything. You name it and we have a simple yet effective solution for it.

Remove permanent marker stains easily

Whiteboard – If you have accidentally used a permanent marker pen on your whiteboard,  then just trace your regular whiteboard marker on top of the permanent marker. Trace over with the permanent marker ink and then wipe it off with an eraser or a paper towel to remove it.

Ceramic, glass and Stainless Steel– Use this simple trick to remove permanent marker stains from your dishes. All you need is some toothpaste and baking soda in equal parts to make a paste. Rub this paste on your glass or ceramic items until the mark comes off. You can also use a nail polish remover on your glass ware to get the stain off easily.

Flat-screen and Metal– If you have got the stain on your flat screen or metal then take some white toothpaste along with add a few drops of water and mix it well to make a paste. Apply this paste using your fingers over those marks and rub gently. Wipe it off with a dry cloth.

Tiles – For the stain markers on the tiles, Just use some hairspray and spray it on those marks, wait for a second or two and wipe it off with a paper towel. Repeat this until the stain is gone. You can use white toothpaste instead of a hair spray.

Carpets– If you have got permanent marker stain your rug or carpet then all you need is some vinegar to get the stain off. You add vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray it generously over the mark and using a brush rub it gently on the carpet. You’ll notice the mark will start to fade and eventually be gone.

Plastic – Soak some cotton pads or a wash cloth in some rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer and gently rub it on the plastic. For stubborn stains, place a wash cloth soaked in some rubbing alcohol and let it sit on the stain for few mins and then wipe it off. READ MORE – Top 20 stains you can remove easily at home

Walls – A easy technique to remove stains from walls is to use a toothbrush along with a toothpaste. Apply the toothpaste to the tile generously and brush it off.

Wood, furniture, and leather  – To remove marker stains from your furniture all you need is some milk or rubbing alcohol. Just dip a washcloth in some milk and gently rub it till the mark fades away. Instead of milk, you can also use rubbing alcohol like mentioned above.

Clothes – Pour over some hand sanitizer on the clothes or bedsheets. Use your finger to gently massage the stain in until it fades and wash it as usual.

Skin – If you get some permanent marker stains on your skin then just steep a tea bag and wipe it over the stain and watch it disappear or just use some sunscreen over the stain and rub it in. READ MORE – OVERNIGHT HONEY BEAUTY TIPS