Oranges are a versatile ingredient. Be it using oranges to make juice, a marmalade, add it into a marinade, use the zest of an orange or even adding it into your Christmas fruit cake.

But did you know that not any and every type of orange can be used for anything? There are many different types of oranges and each type has their own unique flavour.

Types of Oranges and How to use them

Some are good for snacking on, others are good for juices, some are better for mamalades and so on. So, want to know which is better for what? Then check out this article below, because I’ve done all the research, so you don’t have to!

1. Valencia Oranges

Valencia oranges are those with thick skins, but on the inside they are sweet and have loads of juice! So, if you’re looking for some freshly squeezed orange juice, or maybe just eating the orange raw, this type of orange is a good type.

Best used for: Eating raw, to make juices, to add into salads

2. Mandarins

Well, to be honest, mandarins aren’t really “oranges” (except for their colour), but I’d like to add them into this article because many people use mandarins instead of oranges a lot. They are indeed citrus fruits.

These mandarins have loose skins and are sweet and seedless (most often). They are best to can or make into orange syrup. You could also enjoy them raw or in salads.

Best used for: Raw, salads, for canning, making into syrup

3. Tangerines

Tangerines are bigger than regular oranges, when it comes to its size. Nevertheless, they are sweet, have seeds and their skins come off rather easily.

The best part about tangerines is their versatility in their uses. From adding them into baked dishes, to making juice out of them, they can be used for a lot of things.

Best used for: Juicing, adding into baked dishes, for salads, to snack on

4. Lima Oranges

Lima oranges aren’t very citrus as compared to other types of oranges and their shelf-life is rather short. Nonetheless, they make for a good raw snack and their sweetness and juiciness, can get you fresh juice whenever you’d like a glass.

Best used for: Eating raw, for juicing

5. Clementines

Clementines are small, seedless and super sweet oranges. If you are looking after an after-lunch snack, clementines would be the perfect one for you!

They are low on their citrus levels and hardly have any pith, but they make for delicious juicing oranges, to add them into baked goods or to even add them into any salad.

Best used for: Salads, to eat raw, for baking

6. Navel Oranges

These oranges have a rather weird name, but this is because of their shape, resembling a belly button at the bottom!

They are oranges that are little bitter in their flavour, but not too bitter that you cannot snack on them. The zest of navel oranges are great for adding into baked goods or marinades.

The juice of navel oranges can also be added into baked goods, salads or you could even sip on a fresh glass of it.

Best used for: Baking, for its zest, to eat them raw, for juice, in marinades

7. Cara Cara Oranges

I’m sure you would have seen these type of oranges very often on the shelves in your grocery store. These oranges have low citrus levels and a relatively sweet flavour.

These oranges have a deeper orangish red color flesh and their flavour sometimes gives you hints of a berry.

Best used for: For cooking, baking, to eat raw, for juicing

8. Seville Oranges

These oranges are not the sweetest oranges you could find out there and this is why they are called “sour oranges”, very often. This is one of the main reasons why these oranges are best suited for making marmalades and preserves (because their peels too can be used).

Seville oranges have high levels of bitterness and citrusness and aren’t suitable for having them raw. But they have multiple other uses like using them as salad dressing, in marmalades, for making jelly, in cocktails, while cooking fish or pork, in sauces etc.

Best used for: Salad dressings, marmalades, sauces, jellies, cocktails, cooking, marinades

9. Tangelos

Tangelos are basically an orange which is a cross between a tangerine and a pomelo. They have a very tight skin, which makes it hard to peel. But nonetheless, tangelos are sweet and also super juicy.

While eating them raw isn’t ideal, juicing them is always a good option!

Best used for: Extracting juice

10. Blood Oranges

Blood oranges get its name from the inner color of the fruit. The flesh is deep red in color and they are sweet and super juicy. Their flavour is quite unique, tasting like a blend of an orange and a raspberry.

This orange makes for a great addition to a sauce, a dessert or to make a marmalade.

Best used for: To add into sauces, desserts, to make marmalades