Yogurt is a commonly used food item and is loved by many. It is a fermented milk product and is usually prepared with cow’s milk. Adding yogurt to your diet can benefit you in many ways as it is rich in nutrients and is very good for one’s general health.

Whether it is preventing the risk of heart disease or osteoporosis to successfully promoting weight management, yoghurt can be the right food to aid all these issues. A lot of people often buy yoghurt from the store, but did you know that yoghurt can also be made at home? Yes, it is possible and this article will tell you how!

What is a yogurt starter and how to make it at home?

Yoghurt is a fermented food and is made using friendly bacteria. Therefore, for the yogurt to form, a certain amount of friendly bacteria is required. Yogurt starters help the yoghurt form, as they have a blend of lactose consuming bacteria that converts the milk in the yoghurt starter to form lactic acid. Each yoghurt starter will have a different blend of bacteria and therefore, each bowl of yoghurt you make will vary in flavor and thickness.

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