We often hear of people drinking fennel seed water, lemon water, and other such healthy detox drinks on an empty stomach in the morning.

Well, this lesser-known drink is one that can give your body a super healthy detox and can promote better physical health. This drink is none other than ash gourd juice!


Ash gourd is often called white pumpkin, winter melon, or wax gourd. What’s beneficial to health is the inner white pulp got from the ash gourd.

Check out below the benefits of drinking this juice early in the morning and an easy way to make it as well.

Benefits of ash gourd juice:

  1. Can be used to regulate bowel movements.
  2. Helps promote sharpness and makes the mind more alert.
  3. Can help get rid of scalp conditions like dandruff?
  4. Helps treat skin conditions, because it has a cooling effect.
  5. It can help promote weight loss as it contains a lot of fiber and is low in calories which makes digestion slower and promotes a sense of fullness, reducing appetite.
  6. It helps boost energy levels and increases the body’s metabolic rate.
  7. It helps relieve constipation and bloating. Can also help relieve piles and boils (both internal and external).
  8. Consuming ash gourd is known to reduce and cure stomach ulcers.
  9. Helps treat health issues like anxiety and insomnia.
  10. Has anti-coagulant properties that can help stop excessive bleeding in people who consume blood thinners, by helping thicken the blood.



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How to make ash gourd juice at home?


250 grams of ash gourd

½ cup of water

Pepper and salt to taste (optional)

¼ tsp lemon juice (per glass of juice – optional)


Wash the ash gourd under running water and cut it into four quarters. Remove the skin of one-quarter (around 250 grams) and cut off the portion that has the seeds, so that only the white pulp remains. Then, chop up the pulp of the ash gourd into medium-sized pieces and grind it in a mixer, until there are no lumps. Add in the water along with some pepper and salt to taste (optional) and give it a quick grind. Strain the juice out into a glass, using a fine mesh strainer or a muslin cloth. It is ready to consume.

Tip: Make sure to consume the ash gourd juice within 15 minutes after its preparation, to get the most and best effects of its benefits.

When do you have to drink this juice?

Ash gourd juice is best consumed on an empty stomach early morning, after which a gap of half an hour is kept before consuming any food or other beverage, in order to get the best effects.

Are there any side effects of consuming this juice?

  • It is advisable that pregnant and lactating mothers consult a doctor before consuming this drink.
  • Ash gourd does contain a lot of minerals and therefore if you overconsume this drink, it can increase the toxicity levels in your body.
  • Overconsumption of ash gourd juice should be avoided as it can cause phlegm formation. So people with asthma, bronchitis, or any other health problems can consult a nutritionist before consuming this drink.