Do you often find it hard to keep up with haircare routines like oiling your hair, using a hair mask, etc. and you can still see massive hair loss? But then what’s the solution? How do you prevent hair fall? How can you promote hair growth in any other way?
Well, the best way out is consuming simple food items that can help stop hair fall and promote thicker hair growth!


Here are 4 simple food items to consume for hair growth and to prevent hair fall:

  1. Seeds

There are many types of seeds that are nutrient-dense and contain calcium, vitamins, and minerals like zinc, iron, protein, biotin, oleic acid etc.

Thus, consuming seeds can help promote hair growth and reduce hair fall considerably. Adding seeds to your diet is one of the simplest ways to help increase hair growth and reduce hair fall. All you need is to add a few seeds to your diet.

Best seeds to add to your diet: Sesame seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, kalonji seeds, pumpkin seeds, fenugreek seeds, flax seeds etc. add the seeds to your smoothie or just snack on them daily.

  1. Nuts

Eating nuts are pretty addictive, right? Especially if you are a nut lover, eating some types of nuts, in particular, can be one of the best ways to get your hair growing fuller and thicker, while reducing hair fall in the meantime. Nuts are nutrient-dense and contain essential minerals like selenium, zinc, etc., along with vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids that can help promote hair growth.

The minerals selenium and zinc in nuts contain trace elements that can help promote better hair growth, especially because the body cannot make these minerals on its own.

Best nuts to add to your diet: Almonds, Brazil nuts, walnuts, etc. you can use nut butter or peanut butter in your diet.

  1. Coconut Oil

If your diet doesn’t contain enough natural fats and other nutrients, taking a spoonful of coconut oil on an empty stomach on a daily basis can help lead the way toward healthier and faster hair growth. A lot of people apply coconut oil to their hair for scalp health and hair growth. While this process is beneficial, the effects take a long time to show as hair doesn’t have the ability to digest or metabolize the oil, how our digestive system can, therefore ingesting it will help improve hair growth from the inside and show external results.

Please Note: For consuming a teaspoonful of coconut oil, make sure you are consuming virgin coconut oil, which is unrefined.

  1. Protein

Our hair is mainly made up of a natural protein called keratin. As we age, this protein keratin decreases in our bodies and can cause damage to our hair. Therefore, using external ingredients which are rich in protein, for our hair, can help boost hair health and promote better hair growth over time.

Foods to consume that are rich in protein: Eggs, fish, and all types of seafood, milk, cheese, red meats and white meats.

5. Antioxidants –

Antioxidants rich foods improve scalp condition and reduce hair shedding. They protect the hair against free radicals and help with thicker hair growth.

Foods to consume Matcha, amla ( Indian gooseberry), curry leaves.