Trick or treat? Well, if you’ve chosen “treat’, then I have some of the delicious Halloween recipes for you that you can try making them at home! Halloween is celebrated all over the world and it is a great time to try to make some fun Halloween-related treats at home.

The Witches Brew Halloween float

Here are easy Halloween drinks and treats to try at home:

1. Halloween Pretzels

To make Halloween pretzels, all you will need are a pack of your favourite pretzel flavour, 1 cup of melted chocolate and eye ball sprinkles to decorate your Halloween pretzels.

You will need to drip each pretzel in the melted chocolate and then place two eye ball sprinkles into the top two holes of the pretzel, to get the shape of a face.

This Halloween treat is super easy to make, taste delicious of course and they also look absolutely cool!

2. The Witches Brew Halloween float

Apart from tricking and treating, we all love a cold beverage after it all. This Witches Brew Halloween drink just needs 4 ingredients and it is super easy to make.

You will need 1 litre of orange soda, 3 cups of ginger ale, 1½ cups of pineapple juice and a tub of vanilla ice-cream.

To make this drink, you will first have to mix the orange soda, ginger ale and pineapple juice and give it a good stir. Then, pour into glasses and top it up with a big scoop of vanilla ice-cream and serve!

3. Pumpkin Spice Halloween Muffins

Pumpkins and pumpkin spice is one of the most popular ingredients when it comes to baking during Halloween and if you’re a cupcake lover, then this one’s perfect for you!

You will need – 140 grams butter (softened), 120 grams caster sugar, 2 eggs (at room temperature), 1 tsp vanilla extract, 140 grams self-rising flour, 2 tbsp pumpkin spice powder and 3 tbsp milk.

To make the pumpkin spice muffins – combine the butter, sugar and eggs in a bowl and mix it well. Then, sift in the self-rising flour, along with the pumpkin spice powder and the milk. Give it a mix and pour into muffin moulds and bake at 180 degrees celsius for around 15 minutes (poke it with a toothpick and make sure the toothpick comes out clean to know that the muffins are done).

Once done, remove them from the oven, let them cool and they’re ready to eat.

4. vampires kiss drink

4. Vampire’s Kiss Drink

To make this drink you will need – 2 liters ginger ale or club soda, soda water or lemon lime soda, 1 quart black cherry juice, 2 pints pomegranate Juice, 16 ounces frozen cherries and 120 ml (you can increase or decrease this quantity) alcohol your choice (optional).

Combine everything in a large bowl and Serve with ice.

5. Chocolate Covered Halloween Strawberries

Who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries, right? Well, how about make them into a treat for Halloween then?

You will need some 2 cups of melted white chocolate, some orange colored food coloring and eye ball sprinkles (or ½ a cup of melted dark chocolate).

 To make the strawberries, you will need to wash your strawberries first, dry them with a paper towel and set them aside. Then separate 1 cup of the melted white chocolate and use some orange food coloring to make it a pumpkin orange color.

 Then dip each strawberry into the melted white and orange chocolate and set them in the fridge for an hour, to harden. Then to decorate, pour the melted dark chocolate into a piping bag and make your favourite face designs.

If you are using the eye ball sprinkles, then you can place them on the chocolate covered strawberries before popping them into the fridge to harden.

6. The Witches Blood Halloween Cocktail

If you’re someone who is a lover of cocktails, then this one’s the perfect one for you! You will need just two ingredients – 30 ml of white rum or vodka and cherry soda.

Into a stem glass, add in 30 ml of the white rum or vodka and top it up with the cherry soda. Stir with a stirrer and its ready to drink!