Coffee Brewing Methods

Almost everyone out there loves a hot cup of coffee to start off their day with every morning, I’m sure! But, how do you make your coffee?

Coffee Brewing Methods

Do you go in for the easy way out using instant coffee powder or you’re one of those people who actually use a coffee maker or other coffee making devices? Well, if you’re one of the latter, let’s discuss some of the best methods you can use to make some delicious coffee!

Here are 10 different coffee brewing methods you can try out:

1. Percolator

A percolator is one of the most durable and affordable coffee makers out there. This coffeepot works by repeatedly cycling water through the coffee grounds using the method of gravity. The longer it cycles the stronger will be the coffee brew. The coffee grounds will be put into a small metal basket in the percolator.

Time: from Bean > Brew: 10 mins, try 3-4 minutes for better results.
Type of grind required:  course grind
Resulting brew: below average

2. French Press

A French press is another efficient and affordable option to get a good coffee brew. It is also a user-friendly option. This device works by steeping coffee grounds and hot boiling water in a beaker. Once the steeping process is done, a metal mesh filter is then pressed to the bottom of the beaker, which will then separate the coffee grounds from the liquid coffee.

Time: from Bean > Brew: 10 mins
Type of grind required:  course grind
Resulting brew:  aromatic coffee that’s full of flavor.

3. Aero Press

An aero press coffee maker is an immersion-style coffee maker, that uses medium to fine ground coffee grounds. They are immersed in the chamber and has a short brew time. Pressure (apply minimal pressure, do not press down too hard) is then produced when the plunger is pushed through the chamber, thereby extracting the flavour of the coffee (as it passes through a micro filter).

Time: from Bean > Brew: 3-5 mins
Type of grind required:  any grind of choice
Resulting brew:  Smooth, Rich, Pure and Fast.

4. Espresso Machine

The espresso machine uses a pressure-based brewing method to make coffee and this results in coffee that is very strong and highly concentrated.

Time: from Bean > Brew: 2-4 mins
Type of grind required:  fine, consistent grind
Resulting brew:  strong, sharp and full of flavor.

5. Pour-Over

Using the pour-over coffee method will mean you require some precision and “learning” how to use it, because it is a manual method of brewing coffee. You will use a cone-shaped filter, which is designed to hold and filter coffee grounds. Then, you will need to pour the hot water in a spiral pattern over the coffee grounds, while collecting the brewed coffee in a cup below.

Time: from Bean > Brew: 3-4 mins
Type of grind required:  Medium-fine grind
Resulting brew:  a rich flavored brew 

6. Cold Brew or Drip Brewer

Using this method will give you a very concentrated coffee, with all the subtle flavours included. You will need to fill in the centre filter basket with the coffee grounds and then fill up the carafe to the line with hot water. Thereafter, turn it on and the water will recirculate through the filter in the center.

Time: from Bean > Brew: 10-24 hours
Type of grind required:  Coarse – think thick sand
Resulting brew:  strong and intense flavored brew

7. Mocha Pot (Or Moka Pot)

A mocha pot or moka pot is a stove-top (most often) or an electric coffee maker that brews coffee by passing hot water that is pushed by vapour pressure through the coffee grounds. It makes strong concentrated coffee like espresso. This device is a cheaper alternative to an espresso machine.

Time: from Bean > Brew: 2-5 mins
Type of grind required:  start coarse, and go finer until the texture  & taste of the end result is right for you.
Resulting brew:  a sharp and strong-tasting coffee.

8. Drip Coffee Maker

A drip coffee maker is one in which the water will automatically drop into a heating tube and once the water gets heated, it is poured onto the ground coffee, which will then go through a filter and this will result in a hot cup of medium brewed coffee.

Time: from Bean > Brew: 5 mins
Type of grind required:  medium to medium-fine grind size
Resulting brew: balanced and flavorful cup of coffee

9. Chemex

A Chemex is similar to a pour-over. It delivers clean and crisp coffee that brings out the flavor of the coffee grounds. But, a Chemex uses little thicker filters, to slow down the process of the brewing.

Time: from Bean > Brew: 3 mins
Type of grind required:  medium to course
Resulting brew:   a richer-tasting cup of coffee

10. Vacuum Siphon 

A vacuum siphon coffee pot works by expanding and contracting gases, more specifically water vapor. The water vapor allows the coffee maker to brew fully infused coffee, as it filters coffee very efficiently.

Time: from Bean > Brew: 10 mins
Type of grind required:  medium/course grind for best results,
Resulting brew:   clean and full of flavor – purest tasting coffee