Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants that help to strengthen immunity and boost metabolism. It contains vitamin e, essential for healthy skin and hair. It also helps nourish and has antifungal properties that help to fight dandruff and boost a healthy scalp.

Toothache –  Coconut oil contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, making this an effective remedy for toothache.  To soothe a toothache, Mix few drops of clove oil with coconut oil and smooth it on your affected tooth.

Treat dry cracked heels – Mix a tbsp of coconut oil along with a tbsp of Shea butter. Mix it all together and smooth a thick layer under the feet before going to bed and cover it with a thick socks. Sleep on it to wake up to smooth feet. Repeat everyday for best results.

Weight loss – Extra virgin coconut oil is one of the healthy oils, it helps to curb your appetite and maintain an ideal body weight as the oil doesn’t have calories of its own. You can start consuming one tablespoon of coconut oil a day or just add it to your herbal tea or coffee in the morning.

Stop hair fall – Coconut oil strengthens the hair and also promotes healthy scalp. For an effective hair fall remedy use it with rosemary essential oil or make an onion hair oil to stop and prevent hair fall and also treat thinning hair. READ MORE – Onion hair fall to stop hair fall and treat thinning hair.

Diaper rash – Smooth a small amount of extra virgin coconut oil to treat diaper rash naturally.

Mosquito repellent –  Topical application of coconut oil can help repel mosquitoes and also soothe bug bites.

Longer eyelashes – Coconut oil helps to nourish and condition your lashes to grow longer and thicker eyelashes naturally. Mix an equal quantity of coconut oil with black castor oil and apply it using a clean mascara wand on your lashes before going to bed every night.

Whiten teeth – Use coconut oil in your oil pulling method to detox body and also whiten teeth naturally. READ MORE – Oil pulling – Benefits and how to detox your mouth and body.

Whiten armpits – Make a simply and natural underarm scrub to remove dead skin, soften the skin and brighten it. Take a tbsp of baking soda or fine sugar and add in enough coconut oil to make a scrub. Gently use in small circular motions to exfoliate the armpits and rinse off.

Smooth dry lips – Coconut oil has healing properties to heal and soften dry chapped lips. Make a coconut oil lip balm by mixing a tbsp of beeswax with a tbsp of coconut oil. Melt it using a double boiler.

Smooth cellulite – Use a homemade scrub by mixing a tbsp of used coffee grounds along with enough coconut oil to make a body scrub. Massage it on your cellulite while in shower to smooth the skin. You can also warm some coconut oil and massage it on the skin to improve circulation to treat cellulite.

Thicker eyebrows – To grow naturally thicker eyebrows all you need is coconut oil along with rosemary essential oil. Mix 1 tbsp of coconut oil along with few drops of rosemary essential oil and apply it on your eyebrows for naturally beautiful eyebrows.

Stronger nails – Massage your nails with coconut oil everyday for longer stronger nails. READ MORE – ALOE VERA BUTTER – CLEAR, HEALTHY SKIN