Tangled hair can lead to hair damage and breakage which is why it is important to use a detangler when combing your hair to keep your hair healthy. Coconut Milk is a natural substitute for commercial detanglers. Not only does it help detangle hair but also boosts hair growth, reduce fizziness and makes hair super shiny and healthy.

Coconut Milk beauty benefits and uses for healthy hair and skin

It is a great multipurpose beauty ingredient! Use coconut milk to add a healthy glow and keep skin looking smooth.  Coconut milk can be used for skincare and hair care in the following ways:


Coconut Milk for hair growth – Coconut milk has hair growth-boosting and conditioning properties. It makes hair thicker and deeply nourishes. Just take coconut milk in a bowl add in few drops rosemary oil, rub it into your scalp, wait for an hour or overnight before you shampoo to make your hair thicker, softer, and longer.

Coconut milk for frizzy hair – Strengthen hair follicles, reduce shedding and hair breakage. Controls frizz, makes hair more manageable and shinier. Hair becomes smoother and silkier. Add coconut milk to your shampoo for healthy hair growth.

Coconut Milk Healthy Glow- The coconut milk is extremely nongreasy, light in texture with a sweet aroma. Add in few drops of orange or rose essential oil and use it as a face and body massaging oil for the glow.

Coconut milk to repair damage – It helps to add shine to the hair and moisturize as well as hydrate. Reduces frizz and makes hair more manageable and softer. Smooth a small amount of coconut milk after hair wash to add a little luster without weighing down your hair. A light application of coconut oil will not only add sheen to your hair but will also protect it from damage. Add in some lavender oil for extra benefits.

Coconut milk for shiny hair – It hydrates hair, seals in moisture, boosts hair growth and prevents split ends and dryness. Also adds a long lasting fragrance. Add coconut milk and honey in equal amounts and use it as a hair mask for 30 mins before wash.

Coconut milk as makeup remover – Coconut milk makes a great makeup remover! Helps melt away even stubborn waterproof makeup and deep cleans pores. Simply massage coconut milk directly on facial skin for a few minutes and wipe it off using washcloth or cotton pad. Follow up with a foaming cleanser.