10 Types of Black Flowers

When we think of flowers, we only think of colors. Red, pink, yellow, orange, white, peach and the list of colors go on, when it comes to the colors of flowers.

10 Types of Black Flowers

But did you know that flowers come in the color black as well and look just as beautiful? Yes, black flowers are unique and absolutely gorgeous to look at!

Say you’re making a bouquet or a flower arrangement for your home, considering adding a black flower or two and see the difference it can make because of how unique black flowers are!

So, want to know which flowers you can add into your bouquet or flower arrangement or maybe even get the plant at home? Well, check out this article for more details.

10 Types of Black Flowers

1. Black Tulips

These black tulips are often called as ‘Queen of the Night’ because of its color. They are one of the most popular black colored flowers out there because they can be easily paired with other colored tulips.

2. Black Iris

The black iris is a very fragrant flower and is often called as ‘Before the Storm’ flower. They thrive best in a lot of sunlight, so they can be incorporated well in outdoor event decorations.

3. Bat Orchids

The appearance of these flowers if what gives it its name. The unique appearance of this flower makes it seem like the flower is a bat in flight. The best way to use these flowers, is individually and not in a bunch or group of mixed flowers.

4. Black Hellebore

Black hellebores are poisonous flowers and are often found in the initial months of spring. They have dark green leaves and are leathery to touch.

5. Black Dahlia

Black dahlias are rare because of their black and deep red color combinations. They are also almost black flowers and they fully bloom when in the sun. If you wish to preserve their color (and height), you can keep them in the shade.

6. Black Viola

Black violas appear during the spring season. They are also called ‘Viola Molly Sandersons’. They are almost black flowers with a deep purple colored in and golden colored centre or eye. They make for perfect centre piece décor or aisle décor.

7. Black Velvet Petunia

These black velvet petunias are a hybrid form of petunias and they make for a perfect combination when paired with other flowers. This flower is very rare because of its dark color.

8. Black Roses

Red, pink, yellow roses are very common, but black roses? Well, not so much! These black roses form a deep black bud and when they bloom, they turn out dark purple or dark red, almost looking black to the naked eye.

Here’s a tip: If you want to put black roses in a centerpiece and do not find them dark enough, add some black dye to the water and the rose stems will absorb the color and darken the flowers.

9. Black Magic Hollyhock

Black magic hollyhock has dark petals (but sometimes endowed with a tint of red). It is similar to the flower wild marshmallow. This flower has a light-coloured centre and dark petals which makes it outstandingly beautiful.

10. Black Calla Lily

The black calla lily, also called as the ‘black star’ is an almost black colored lily flower (similar to its white sister), which looks black to the naked eye because of its deep purple color. When couple with light green leaves or a light green/ light background, this flower really stands out because of its dark color.