We’ve all probably heard about the benefits of castor oil doing the rounds, right? But have you also heard about “Black” castor oil or also known as “Jamaican Black Castor Oil” (JBCO), which is as beneficial as castor oil? Let’s get into the details.


What is Jamaican Black Castor Oil?

Jamaican black castor oil is made using the traditional method of extraction of the seeds being roasted and then ground into fine particles. Water is then added to the ground mixture and is placed on fire wood to boil for long time, to get the unadulterated black castor oil.

Differences between castor oil and Jamaican black castor oil:

Castor oil is made by cold pressing the fresh seeds of the castor plant, to extract the yellow oil. There is no heat treatment like in black castor oil. Castor oil is more on the acidic side, while black castor oil is more on the alkaline side, when talking about their pH levels. Since there are no chemicals involved in the process of extraction of the black castor oil, it is considered more superior in benefits than regular castor oil.

Beauty tips and benefits of Black castor oil:

Beneficial to skin:

Black castor oil contains omega-9 fatty acids that play an integral role in maintaining and improving skin health. It can help improve skin appearance and acts as a barrier for the skin, as it is a building block for healthy cell membranes. Black castor oil can help treat various skin functions as it has antifungal and antibacterial properties, which can help stop bacteria from spreading. It can also help reduce inflammation and treat acne. It also acts as a natural skin moisturizer and skin hydrator.

Here’s how you can use black castor oil for your skin:

  • For acne:

All you need is a large bowl of hot water, a wash cloth for the face and black castor oil.

To use: Take around 1 tsp of black castor oil into your palm and rub your palms together until you find the oil getting warm. Then apply this all over you face and massage it in using circular motions for a minute. Then, leave it on for 2 to 4 minutes. Lastly, soak the wash cloth in the hot water, squeeze out the water and gently wipe off the oil from your face. Remember to cool the cloth down for a few seconds in case it is too hot.

  • For scar removal:

Black castor oil is very useful in helping remove scar tissue (the skin cells and collagen that covered the injury). Applying black castor oil can help discourage new skin growth and in time, help reduce the scarring.

To use: Clean the area of the injury with a fresh cotton swab or cloth and then massage the area very gently with some black castor oil, using your fingertips. This process will help initiate quicker healing by promoting better blood circulation in the area. Repeat this process until you notice significant results.

Caution: Do not apply on an open wound, only where the scab has already formed. READ MORE – TURMERIC SOAP – skin brightening and clearing

  • For anti-ageing:

All you need is a mild cleanser, a towel and black castor oil.

To use: Wash your face properly with a mild cleanser and rinse off with plain water. Pat dry your face with a towel and then apply the oil all over the affected areas (in case you have any wrinkles, fine lines or ageing spots). You can repeat this process on a daily basis.


Beneficial to the hair:

Black castor oil has natural moisturizing and antibacterial properties. This oil can also help treat various hair problems from hair fall, to dry and damaged hair, to frizziness, to dandruff, to split ends to reduction in eyebrow and eyelash growth as it is rich in nutrients, vitamin E  and also contains the omega-6 and omega-9fatty acids. Black castor oil can be absorbed quickly by the skin because it doesn’t contain any chemicals. It can help promote better blood circulation in the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles and provide nourishment to the hair, in turn promoting better hair growth, hair thickness and improved hair shine and hair texture.

Here’s how you can use black castor oil for the hair:

  • For the head hair:

All you need is 1½ tbsp black castor oil, ½ tbsp jojoba oil and rosemary essential oil – few drops. Mix this in a small mixing bowl and warm it up slightly by placing it in a bowl of hot water.

To use: Partition your hair and evenly apply this oil all over your scalp and hair (using downward strokes), until the tips of your hair. Then gently massage it in for 5-10 mins and then you can leave it on for an hour (or even overnight, if you wish to), before rinsing off with a mild shampoo and conditioner.

  •   For the eyebrows and eyelashes:

All you need is a mild face cleanser, a towel, a cotton swab or cotton ball and some black castor oil.

To use: Wash your face with a mild face cleanser and pat dry with a towel. Then, dip your cotton swab or cotton pad into the oil, squeeze out the excess oil and gently massage it over your eyebrows and eyelashes (do not be too rough, as it can cause eyelash hair breakage). READ MORE – Start your day with these amazing healthy and beauty drinks

Caution: Close your eyes shut while doing the eyelashes as it can enter your eyes and cause irritation.