Aloe vera is one of the best herbs with a lot of amazing healing properties which is why it is widely used in a lot of skin and hair care products. The downside with aloe gel is that when you extract fresh aloe vera gel from the plant it gets bad within 12-24 hours and cannot really be preserved due to its high water activity so one of the best ways to preserve aloe is in the form of powder and a lot of brands are selling pure organic aloe vera powder that is very easy to use and has a lot of benefits for your skin and hair.


Aloe powder to brighten skin – Aloe Vera powder can also be used to hydrate and moisturize the skin to help soften the skin and treat extremely dry skin. Simply combine aloe powder with some rose water and apply an even layer on your face for 15 mins and rinse it off.

Aloe powder to clear acne- Aloe powder helps to fight acne and keep your skin clear. To fight acne and lighten scars, mix it along with bentonite clay and apply to your skin. Mix 1 tsp of aloe powder with 1 tbsp of bentonite clay and mix it with filtered water or apply cider vinegar and apply to your face. Leave it on for 10 mins and rinse it off.

Aloe powder for the healthy scalp – Aloe contains proteolytic enzymes that repair dead skin cells on the scalp. It has great cleansing properties that helps to unclog hair follicles and detox scalp.

Aloe powder for hair fall –  Aloe vera strengthens hair follicles, which may help to reduce hair fall and also treat unhealthy scalp. Make a hair mask for dandruff and to stop hair fall by mixing aloe powder with aloe juice to make a smooth paste. Apply all over hair and scalp and let it sit for 1-2 hours before shampooing. READ MORE – 10 BEST OVERNIGHT ALOE VERA REMEDIES FOR CLEAR SKIN AND HAIR GROWTH

Detox – Aloe powder can also be used in your tea or smoothies, however, check the product carefully to know if you are buying an edible aloe powder. Aloe vera powder is great to aid digestion and also for a healthy liver. Kindly consult you physician before incorporating aloe vera in your diet.

Aloe vera for smooth lips – Make a lip mask by mixing aloe vera powder with honey. Apply it on your lips and leave it on for 15 mins. Gently scrub it off and rinse it.

Aloe powder for hair growth – For healthy hair, stop using commercial shampoo that contains SLS and parabens that can damage your hair and also make your acne worse. Make a hair growth powder at home using aloe vera powder. Get the recipe here..


To make aloe vera powder, use fresh organic aloe vera leaf. Take 1-2 aloe vera leaf, clean it thoroughly to remove the yellow resin from the leaf and cut it into small slices. Add the slices to a tray and dehydrate it using a dehydrator or just place them under the sun for few days to dry them thoroughly until dry and crisp. Once the aloe vera leaf is dried then blend them up into a fine powder. Transfer the powder into an airtight container and use it when required. READ MORE – Aloe hair growth spray