Looking for some super simple and easy life hacks to use in your day-to-day life? Well, in this article we have discussed 16 different life hacks you can use every day and make life super simple.


20 best life hacks to use every day:

1. Car deicer with rubbing alcohol

How to Make Your Deicing Solutions. Combine 1 part water with 2 parts rubbing alcohol (or Isopropyl alcohol) into your bottle. Simply spray your windshield generously while your car’s defrost is on. Then watch as the frost melts away!

2. Ice cube for wrinkle free clothes

If you find that your clothes have wrinkles, all you need to do is, through in some ice cubes into your dryer and dump in all the clothes that have wrinkles.

Then, turn your dryer on the highest heat setting and let it dry for 10 minutes.

3. Remove scratches from furniture

Make a mixture of a 1:1 ratio of cooking oil and white vinegar in a bowl. Give it a mix and use an old cloth to dip in this mixture and wipe it over your scratched furniture as a homemade scratch remover. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes and wipe off with a plain dry cloth.

4. Stop your potatoes from sprouting

Into your paper bag of potatoes, add in one apple and this can prevent the potatoes from sprouting.

5. Store your carrots and celery for longer

Cut splices of your carrots and celery and instead of storing them in a container, store them in glass jars filled with water and they will last longer. The carrots will last even upto a month and the celery for around 2 weeks.

6. Use rice water for watering plants as nutrition

Once you have washed your rice, use the water to water your plants as they will provide natural nutrients to your plants.

7. Keep flowers fresh for long

Once open, use cool water (or simply add some ice cubes to the vase) in order to keep the blooms lasting longer. You can also keep the flowers in the fridge at night.

8. Hot spoon mosquito bite remedy

Just heat up a metal spoon under hot tap water for a minute or so, then press it directly against the bitefor a couple of minutes, and when you take it off, the itch should be gone for good.

9. Reheat hardened bread using water

If you find that your bread is slightly stale and has hardened, then you can sprinkle some water (over bread slices) or run some water (over a large hardened loaf of bread/bun) and reheat for a few minutes in the microwave or oven.

Bread slices can be reheated for a few minutes, while larger bread loafs, buns etc., can be reheated for 10 to 20 minutes.

10. Store vegetables and fruits separately

Fruits and vegetables must be stored separately, as fruits release a certain type of gas that can make vegetables get spoilt/ripened quicker than usual.

11. Freeze herbs to prevent wilting

If your herbs are wilting, you can simply freeze your herb leaves in water or olive oil (in ice cube moulds) and defrost before use.

12. Natural Bleach

 Make a natural bleach that is non-toxic and whitens without harsh chemicals. Mix 3% hydrogen peroxide – 1 1/2 cup, water – 1 gallon, fresh lemon juice – 1/2 cups and 20-30 drops lemon essential oil. Use 1 cup of this solution as needed for laundry. You can also use this bleach to clean your toilets, as a floor cleaner or any other way you like.

13. Your leafy greens have become dry and wilted

Do not throw away wilted leafy greens, instead, cut off a part of the stem and place them vertically in a container of ice cold water (immersing only the stems), for some time, to revive them before use.

14. Have lemons in excess

If you have too many lemons and feel like you will not be able to use so many and they will get spoilt, then you can simply squeeze out the juice from the lemons and freeze them ice cube moulds. Defrost before you need to use them.

15. Open stubborn jar lids

Just insert the tip of the spoon under the jar lid and gently push it up to pop it open or position the lid of the jar just over an open flame, like from a stove or lighter for about 5 secs. Use a towel when attempting to open the lid as the lid will be hot.

16. Mouthwash to repel mosquitos

Listerine mouthwash can be effectively used as a mosquito repellant. Use the yellow bottle of Listerine and lightly spray it on your arms and legs or around the area where you seat to repel mosquitoes.

17. Shoes too small

Put on a thick pair of socks with the shoes, then use your blow dryer to aim at the tight spots, using medium heat to soften the shoe until it fits comfortably. This will take couple of mins.

18. Disinfect Pillows

Put your pillows in the dryer once every 3 months, it is a great way to get rid of dead mites, dust and disinfect it. Set the dryer to medium heat and add some wool dryer balls ( optional) along with the pillows for 10-15 mins. Tumble and fluff the pillows by hand.

19. Clean Burnt Pan

Add equal parts of vinegar and water on the burnt pan and bring it to a boil. Take off the heat and remove the vinegar water. Cover the burnt area with 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda and add a bit of water to make a paste.

Let it sit for 15 mins and then crumple up some aluminum foil and scrub until all food bits and stained areas are clean. Rinse pan with warm soapy water. 

20. Repel rats and mice

Use black pepper to repel rats, black pepper has a sharp, pungent smell that rats don’t like. Create a thick black pepper barrier around these places where the rats are seen, you can also use black pepper essential oil.