When we go out in the sun, some of us often get badly tanned. As we age, some of us develop dark spots and pigmentation.

Well, our skin is that part of our body which always remains exposed and is prone to getting tanned, developing dark spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines etc.

Skin Brightening Turmeric Bath Powder

The best way to brighten and lighten the skin and promote better skin health, is by using a good skin brightening bath powder and this article has a super simple and easy recipe for you right here to make at home!

What are the benefits of the ingredients of this skin brightening bath powder?

This skin brightening bath powder contains just three simple yet effective ingredients – orange peel powder, gram flour and turmeric powder.

Here are their benefits for the skin:

Orange peel powder:

Orange peel powder contains citric acid that is goof for skin brightening and lightening. It can help the skin regain its youthfulness. It can also help reduce pigmentation, tan, dark spots and scarring of the skin etc.

Gram flour:

Gram flour can be your go-to skin care ingredient as it has many beneficial properties for the skin from skin lightening and tan reduction to reduction of oiliness, fights acne, exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin to reduction of additional hair.

Turmeric powder:

Turmeric acts as a natural skin moisturizer that can help keep the skin soft and supple and prevent the skin from becoming dry. It is an essential ingredient for those who are looking to brighten and even out their skin tone. Turmeric powder helps keep the skin youthful, reduces dark circles and puffiness and slows down premature ageing.

How to make this skin brightening powder at home?

To make the orange peel powder:

Wash a couple of oranges thoroughly under running water and then peel them. Set the skins aside and lay them out on a tray.

Place this tray with the orange peels under direct sunlight for around 3 to 5 days until you notice that the peels have dried up completely and have hardened to a crisp.

Then, put the peels into a blender and blend it under it becomes into a smooth and fine powder.

Store this in an airtight jar for future use.

To make the skin brightening powder:

Into a mixing bowl, add in some gram flour, orange peel powder and a little organic turmeric powder. Give it a good mix and pour into an airtight storage container for future use.

To make the paste:

Into a mixing bowl, add in a tablespoon of this skin brightening powder and to it, add in a little water to make it into a smooth paste. For those with dry skin issues, you can also add in a teaspoon of honey or aloe vera gel. Give it a good mix and apply this paste all over the skin (make sure to dampen the skin before application).

Then, leave it on for around 5 minutes before rinsing off with plain warm water.