Turmeric is well known for its healing and brightening properties. It has many beauty benefits and can be used in many different ways to make our skin soft, smooth, glowing skin. In this post, we will share with you a homemade recipe using turmeric to brighten your skin. This all-natural […]

Turmeric is considered to be the best organic skincare ingredient for healthy skin in India. The beautifying spice can be used as a cleanser, face mask or as a face/body scrub. If your worried that turmeric will stain your skin then use very little with oil, honey or in your […]

An incredible all-natural skin brightening powder that brightens complexion, relieves signs of aging and promotes healing. The bath powder is made of finest powders that lightens and brightens uneven skin, pigmentation marks while also repairing the skin. A perfect blend for youthful and naturally radiant skin. BRIGHTENING BATH POWDER BENEFITS […]