This ultra-nourishing hair spray strengthens the roots and provides adequate nutrients to the hair to stop hair fall. It helps to smooth dry and frizzy hair instantly making your hair more manageable.

OVERNIGHT HAIR SPRAY to stop hair fall


Green Tea –  Green tea has amazing properties that support healthy hair growth. It is rich in catechins, which help to reduce dihydrotestosterone (DTH) that is responsible for hair loss. It fights against dryness of the scalp, dandruff. It nourishes the hair follicles and boosts shine making hair soft, smooth, and frizz-free

Rosemary – Rosemary stimulates hair follicles to strengthen hair and minimize hair fall. Rosemary is a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, it improves blood circulation for healthy hair growth. READ MORE – RICE HAIR GROWTH CONDITIONER CUBES

OVERNIGHT HAIR SPRAY to stop hair fall

You will need

  • Rosemary leaves – 1 tsp
  • Green tea leaves – 1 tsp
  • Water

In a saucepan, bring a cup of water to boil, lower the heat and then add in the rosemary and green tea leaves and simmer on low for 5 mins. Remove from the heat and strain the leaves into a spray bottle.

Use this spray after hair wash, spray it all over your scalp and hair or spray your hair before going to bed. If your hair feels dry you can add a tsp of any hair oil of your choice to the bottle. Spray the bottle really well each time you use it.

You can use dried or fresh rosemary leaves for the hair spray, if you don’t have lose green tea leaves you can use 2 tea bags. READ MORE – MOST POWERFUL FACE AND BODY MASK – fight acne, blackheads, and clear skin