How to Pack A Carry On

Travelling light is something we all aim for, but sometimes, most of us do not succeed. We tend to take things we may not need or have difficulty in deciding what exactly should be taken or not on a trip.

How to Pack A Carry On

Carry-on luggage packing needs a little more of effort as compared to check-in luggage and this is because you need to be mindful of what you carry, while also staying in check with weight restrictions.

Well, as a seasoned traveller myself, I have penned down some of the most essential things you need to carry in your carry-on luggage. Check it out below!

How to Pack A Carry-On the Right Way

Below, I’ve penned down some of the most essential things you need to carry in your carry-on luggage.

1. Passport

If you are travelling internationally, then make sure to have your passport with you, as you will need to show your passport whenever needed for security checks.

2. Prescription Medications

Always keep your prescription medication with you in your carry-on luggage. Sometimes, especially on airplanes, luggage can get lost or get delayed at baggage collection and your medicines if stored in checked-in luggage will thereby not be at hand.

3. Toiletries

Basic toiletries like your toothpaste, toothbrush, a face wash, wet wipes, tissues, a hand towel etc., should be kept in your carry-on, so you can freshen up on arrival.

4. Valuables

If you have any valuables like jewellery, money, expensive watches, etc., then make sure to pack it in your carry-on, as checked-in items can get misplaced or could be prone to theft.

5. Snacks

Grabbing a bite, especially on an airplane can cost you a lot. So if you want to munch on something while you wait for your flight and on the flight, or on any journey for that matter, carry a few snacks like chips, biscuits, trail mix, granola bars, chocolates, popcorn, dried fruit, pretzels, wafers, crackers etc.

6. Power Bank or Charger

Charging stations are hard to find or more so, hard to remain empty for when you may need to charge your electronic devices. A power bank can always come in handy for when you need to charge your gadgets. Nevertheless, do not forget to pack your chargers for all your devices, in your carry-on luggage.

7. Travel Adapter

If you are planning to travel internationally, then a travel adapter is a must. Different countries use different plug shapes and sizes. Therefore, carry a universal travel adapter in your carry-on at all times, so it will enable you to easily charge your electronic devices.

8. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit with all the basic essentials like basic medications (for cold, coughs, fever, allergic reactions, diarrhea, vomiting etc.), gauze, plasters, bandages, gloves, adhesives, safety pins, thermometer, instant cold packs, antiseptic wipes, first-ado manual etc., is very essential to be packed in your carry-on.

9. Reusable Water Bottle

Always make sure to carry a reusable water bottle whenever you travel. Buying water, especially at airports can cost you a lot. Carrying a reusable water bottle will make it east and cost-efficient for you to fill your bottle at water-filling stations.

10. Change of Clothing

Whether it is a coffee or curry spill on your top or pants or maybe your checked-in baggage has got delayed on arrival or has got lost, a change of clothing or even two, is always a must-pack in your carry-on for any emergency situations.

11. A Jacket or Shawl

A light jacket or shawl can always come in handy for when you travel, as the cabin could get rather chilly and a jacket or shawl can keep you warm.

12. Travel Pillow

While on a journey by any mode of transport, it could get rather tiring if it’s a long journey. Thus, taking a travel pillow can help you rest comfortably and ensure you’re refreshed when you reach your destination.

Things You Should Not Pack In a Carry-On (On Airplanes)

  • Any type of sharp objects like blades, knives, scissors etc.
  • Liquids above the specified limit (including shampoos, lotions, mouthwash etc).
  • Aerosol cans (like deodorants, pepper spray etc).
  • Powders like paprika, chili, pepper, salt etc.
  • Lithium or lithium-ion batteries, firearms, ammunition, flammables and explosives.