Eat These Nuts to Lose Belly Fat And Lose Weight, The Healthy Way

Are you sick and tired of trying out all the possible methods to lose weight especially that stubborn fat around your belly, but it just won’t shed?

Well, what if I told you that you can try this super simple and super easy trick that can help you lose that belly fat within no time and the best part of this is – it doesn’t even involve any diet or even exercise! Yes, you heard that right!

Eat These Nuts to Lose Belly Fat And Lose Weight, The Healthy Way

All you need to do is consume the miracle food – peanuts!

Peanuts to Lose Belly Fat: What’s the trick?

Well, here I’m going to tell you the trick and I’m pretty sure you’re going to be quite surprised as to how simple it actually is!

Here’s the trick, all you need to do is eat 30 peanuts twice a day just 30 minutes before your meal. Yes, that is it!

Which peanuts do you have to eat?

Well, you will need to consume plain/unflavoured peanuts or boiled peanuts (which are even more recommended), that do not contain even salt or any other flavouring ingredients.

It is recommended to eat these peanuts with their skins on, for the best effects. Choosing peanuts that have their shells on are an even better option.

What’s the benefit of eating peanuts for weight loss?

  1. Contain fats that are healthy

Peanuts contain types of fat called monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are known to be healthy fats that can help reduce inflammation, diabetes, heat disease, obesity and other such chronic conditions. Thus, it can prevent weight gain in the long run.

  1. Can make you feel full sooner

Peanuts are rich in fibre and protein and whenever foods with high amounts of fibre and protein are consumed, they take longer to get digested and thus they make the person feel full for longer time.

These peanuts get digested at a very slow pace and remain for a longer time in a person’s stomach. Thus, when the person feels full, the person cannot consume too much food during their meal. Also, after consuming peanuts, a person can go a longer time before they have their next meal.

Make peanut butter with just one ingredient – 

  1. Can boost body metabolism

Body metabolism plays a very important role in weight loss or weight gain. Peanuts are a very rich/high source of energy to the body and can rev up one’s body metabolism very easily. When the body metabolism is high, the more number of calories a person can burn (even when doing a simple activity). Thus, it can help or contribute to faster weight loss in the process.

  1. Can lower one’s calorie intake

While peanuts by themselves are very high in calories, they can actually lower the number of calories intaken/absorbed by a person’s body. How this happens is when  a person bites and eats these peanuts, they get broken down into bits, but do not get broken down into bits small enough to be digested by the body, thus meaning the body is absorbing lesser calories while the remnant bits get excreted through the body’s waste.