Lip plumping lip gloss with peppermint

Want to have fuller and plump lips ?? Try peppermint oil. Peppermint improves circulation to make your lips look fuller naturally. It slightly irritates your lips, and this causes it to swell a bit. Add peppermint oil to your lip balm or gloss or just mix it with honey on the lips to give a boost to your lips.

Lip plumping lip gloss

To make a plumping lip gloss, What you will need:

  • Clear unscented lip gloss
  • %100 pure cinnamon essential oil

Pour 2-3 drops of peppermint oil into the bottle of clear lip gloss. Put the cap back on and shake it well to evenly distribute the oil. Apply to your lips to make your lips plump and fuller.

Caution – Do not use the oil on chapped lips as it can cause an adverse reaction. When peppermint comes into contact with an open wound, a painful burning sensation usually results. Do not rub the peppermint too much as it will irritate the skin and you will end up with ugly sore lips.

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