Bugs, of all kinds are simply annoying! Be it mosquitoes, flies, moths or any other insects, they are a menace and need to be taken care of and we have the solution for you. All you need are herbs to do the job!

Herbs That Repel Bugs and How to Use

Let’s talk about herbs that repel bugs and how you can use them to successfully get rid of them.

Herbs That Repel Bugs and How to Use

1. Bay Leaves

The compound eucalyptol in bay leaves can help eliminate bugs like weevils and moths in food containers. You can sprinkle crushed dried bay leaves in the garden to work as a natural insecticide.

2. Ageratum

Flossflowers or ageratum emits a certain smell and secretes a compound called coumarin, that can help get rid of mosquitoes, as they detest the smell.

3. Catnip

Catnip can help repel cockroaches, beetles, fleas etc. So all you need to do is plant catnip in the garden and you can also crush some fresh leaves and rub it over your skin to reduce irritation.

4. Basil

Basil is a good insect repellent. All you need to do is crush some fresh basil leaves and rub it over your hands to keep bugs away and also to help reduce the itching of bug bites.

5. Citronella Grass

Citronella grass or lemon grass is one of the best natural bug repellents. You can grow it in your garden to ward off bugs.

6. Marigolds

Marigolds can help keep mosquitoes and other insects away as it has a peculiar smell which bugs do not like.

7. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm contains a compound called citronella that gives out an aroma that can keep bugs away because of its unpleasant smell. You can also pluck fresh lemon balm leaves, crush them and rub them onto the skin.

8. Lavender

You can grow lavender inside your house to keep bugs at bay. It can help repel bugs like mosquitoes, flies, moths etc.

9. Hyssop

Hyssop is a plant that can deter flea beetles, cabbage moths etc., because of its peculiar smell. It is known that the whole plant smells like licorice and bugs detest that smell.

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10. Mint

Mint can help deter fleas, beetles, cabbage moths, ants, rodents, aphids etc., because of its strong smell of menthol, which is an active insect-fighting ingredient.

11. Rue

Rue is another good bug repellant that can help keep beetles, maggots, slugs and snails, aphid, moths etc., at bay, as it releases a certain smell that these bugs and insects detest.

12. Sage

Planting sage in your house or keeping dried sage in your home can help keep away sails, moths, beetles, black colored flea beetles, fliers etc.

13. Pennyroyal

Pennyroyal is a good insect repellent that can keep ants, ticks, fleas etc, at bay. the pennyroyal leaves when crushed, can be rubbed over the skin and it can keep mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, chiggers etc., away.

14. Peppermint

Bugs that bite humans dislike the smell of peppermint. So, you can crush some peppermint leaves and rub it over your skin to help keep bugs away. Also, it acts as a bug-itch relief.

15. Tansy

Place clippings of tansy near your doorways so it can deter insects from flying into your house. You can also hang up a bunch of tansy leaves in a bug infested area, as a repellent.

16. Thyme

Thyme has a peculiar smell and can help deter insects and pests that invade the house. You can use thyme sachets, its flowers or its leaves even, as bug repellents.

Note of Caution for Pet Owners:

Some of the herbs mentioned in this article aren’t pet-friendly and thus, pet owners must be mindful while planting or placing such herbs in and around your house, as it can be toxic to your cats, dogs, etc.